Does cell phone charge affect battery, is cell phone charge fast or slow charge?

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Q: Does cell phone charge affect battery?
A: The answer is yes. Although quick charge can improve the charging efficiency of mobile phones, it also has an impact on the battery life. As for why, we will introduce it in detail below. Here we will first attach the answer.
Q: Is the mobile phone fast enough or slow enough?
A: From the perspective of experience, the mobile phone must be quickly charged, and the charging speed is faster. However, from the perspective of battery maintenance, the battery life is better if the charge is still slow.
At present, most companies that provide fast charging solutions do not have the impact on battery life from the battery perspective, but the battery capacity above 500 after battery charge and discharge is qualified under national standards, it has little impact on usage within one year.
Therefore, if you are used to changing a mobile phone in a year or two, or are willing to change a new battery, the impact of the quick charge mobile phone is minimal for you. We recommend that you first consider the quick charge mobile phone, bring a better experience.
If you want to use a cell phone for 2-4 years without changing the battery, you can consider not supporting the fast-charging mobile phone. You can also reduce the number of fast-charged mobile phones and use them only when they are in urgent need. When the power usage is only about 30%, it is faster than 3%. In addition, when fast-charging is used, it is best not to run a large memory game to avoid the impact of high temperature on battery life.
Is mobile phone fast enough? Differences between mobile phone fast-charging and slow-charging
Major mobile phone manufacturers are pushing fast-charging mobile phones, but few vendors are talking about the battery life when talking about fast-charging. What about mobile phone charge? What is the difference between mobile phone fast charge and normal slow charge? This article will answer the technical principles of mobile phone express charge from a professional perspective.
Currently, there are three mainstream fast charging technologies for mobile phone applications: Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (the latest version is Quick Charge 3.0), MediaTek Pump Express, and oppo vooc Flash charging,Among them, both Qualcomm and Lianfa adopt high voltage charging, while VOOC Flash charging adopts high current charging.
Whether the cell phone charge is good or not mainly involves two aspects: Experience and battery. So, Will quick charge affect battery life?
First, we need to understand the charging and discharging principles of lithium-ion batteries, The battery has two poles: the positive electrode is a lithium compound and the negative electrode is graphite.
Both the electric energy and the chemical energy are converted into different compounds during the active and negative motion of lithium ion.
We can regard lithium ion as a car with charge: during charging, because of the electric field, all the cars open to the negative pole to store a certain amount of energy (lithium ion is embedded into the negative electrode of graphite carbon layer pores ); during the discharge, these charged lithium-ion cars ran to the cathode due to chemical reaction (lithium ion removal, so that the cathode is in the lithium-rich state ). Current power supply is formed in this process.

Lithium battery charging principle
Ideally, As long as the chemical structure of the positive and negative materials does not change, the battery charge/discharge is reversible, and the lithium-ion battery can ensure a long cycle.
Fast charging is mainly to ensure that the lithium ion is quickly embedded from the positive pole and quickly embedded into the negative pole, cannot cause lithium ion deposition.
However, when the current increases, a layer of half-permeability membrane (SEI membrane) on the negative electrode (graphite) surface may rupture to some extent, so that the electrode material and electrolyte interact with each other, in addition, the increase in temperature will also cause a side reaction inside the battery to damage the chemicals on the battery, resulting in reversible reduction (that is, the lithium-ion car cannot be opened back and forth) the battery capacity will be continuously reduced.

Is what we often feel, Obviously it is fully powered, why the battery is getting worse and worse.
Taking dji uav lithium battery as an example, a 4480 mAh 68Wh lithium battery with a voltage of 15.2V requires only 1.5 h (in contrast, the iPhone 6 s plus battery capacity is 2750 mAh and the voltage is 3.8 V) however, the lithium battery life of DJI drones only has 200 cycles. The attenuation of battery life is obvious.
According to the latest report from DIGITIMES, Apple is also working to upgrade battery charging technology, preparing to use 15 V to 20 V charging devices to improve battery efficiency and promote new IC technology. However, the device provider of the pwm ic also indicates that this requires great risk.
Quick Charge protection mode
The three quick charge solutions will all have a battery temperature monitoring solution. When the voltage is increased, it is inevitable that the temperature increases. If you are playing a large game while using the fast charging technology of Qualcomm QC, due to chip control and limited additional voltage, your cell phone will not get hot, but the charging efficiency will decrease.
VOOC Flash charging adopts charging current control and multi-line setting of charging cable and battery. Simply put, a previous battery is used to charge a single battery, which is divided into several batteries..
In terms of security, because both express charge have a "handshake protocol", the output voltage and current will be adjusted before charging. Lithium battery charging consists of CCPre-charge, CC Fast Charge, and CV ).
The voltage of the cell phone is reduced after the power consumption. When the value is lower than a certain value, the charger uses a relatively low current to pre-charge the lithium battery. After a period of time, the lithium battery voltage is higher than the predetermined value, it enters the second stage of high current constant current charging. At this time, appropriately increasing the current can speed up the charging speed.
If you are using a non-fast charging mobile phone, the fast charging head will not output a large voltage to burn your mobile phone. Just like when you use an iPad charging head to charge an iPhone, the iPhone will automatically identify it and input 1A current instead of the original 2A.

According to many protection measures, the charging voltage and current of quick charge are safe, so long as the original mobile phone charging adapter is used, it will not bring security risks.

Prepared remarks:

We have learned about the charging principle of the battery, and I believe our friends have learned a little about it. In principle, the damage of the battery comes from two aspects: On the one hand, when the battery is charging and discharging, the cathode and anode of the battery will shrink and expand with the release and absorption of ions, long-time charge will destroy the chemicals on the battery and shorten the battery life. On the other hand, in the fast charge, due to the high current, the thermal effect of the current will increase, resulting in high temperature of the battery, high temperature will also lead to sudden reduction of capacity and permanent damage to the electric core.

In fact, normal charging will actually cause a little damage to the battery, but the damage is minimal. It takes more than a year to show it on the mobile phone. Therefore, both quick charge and normal charge will actually cause irreversible damage to the battery, but the damage of quick charge will be slightly stronger than normal charging. However, the battery damage is still safe and reasonable under the protection of the current fast charge technology.

In general, since most mobile phones cannot change their battery, it is better for those who want to use their phones for several years to choose a cell phone that needs to be recharged quickly. For most people who change for a year, this has little impact.

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