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Wireless LAN security issues have always been a top concern. So today we will also talk about this. Check whether network grade problems affect the security of the wireless LAN. Connect to the residential broadband network in a wireless way and share the Internet access through the broadband network, we usually only need to connect the WAN port of the low-end wireless router with the exchange port of the residential broadband network through the common twisted pair wire, and then follow the instructions to set the connection port parameters of the wireless router, you can access the Internet. By default, the DHCP service is automatically enabled for low-end wireless routers. After we correctly install the wireless network card device on a common computer, you can automatically connect to the wireless LAN without any parameter settings. However, while enjoying the convenience of networking, the signal coverage of low-grade wireless routers can reach as far as 300 meters. If security measures are not taken, then, normal computers with wireless network card devices installed within 300 meters can be automatically added to the Local Wireless LAN network, so that the local wireless LAN is prone to illegal attacks.

Poor Network Security

1. The Wireless LAN security mechanism is not sound.

Most low-grade Wireless LAN uses the WEP protocol with general security protection performance to encrypt and transmit wireless Internet signals. However, WAP protocol with high security performance is not used to protect wireless signal transmission. Even if common online users use the WEP encryption protocol and WEP key settings, illegal attackers can easily crack encrypted signals through professional attack tools, this allows you to easily intercept information such as the customer's Internet address, network ID, wireless channel information, and WEP Key, attackers can easily steal privacy or perform other illegal intrusion operations on local wireless LAN networks.

In addition, low-level wireless LAN almost does not support system log management, intrusion security detection, and other functions. It can be said that the low-level wireless LAN security mechanism is not sound yet.

2. Physical isolation is not allowed.

Low-grade Wireless LAN is directly exposed to the outside world from the moment it was successfully established. Wireless Network access cannot be effectively isolated from physical networks, and various intentional and unintentional illegal attacks may exist at any time, the privacy information in the wireless LAN will also be stolen and accessed at any time.

3. Insufficient user security awareness

Low-grade Wireless LAN often only supports Simple Address binding, address filtering, and encrypted transmission functions. These basic security functions have little protection to prevent illegal attackers. However, some users who are not familiar with wireless networks can quickly achieve mobile office and resource sharing, it is often easy to choose low-end wireless LAN with low networking costs and simple management and maintenance operations. As for the security performance of the wireless LAN, I believe that these novice Internet users will hardly consider it. In addition, the beginner users who are not familiar with wireless networks have less knowledge about network security. These users seldom consciously perform security settings when using wireless networks.

4. Poor anti-external interference capability

During the work process, a wireless LAN usually uses a specific working frequency band. When there are too many wireless networks in the same working frequency band, the signal coverage will overlap, this will seriously affect the strength of valid signals, and may ultimately affect the signal transmission stability of the wireless LAN. In addition, during the transmission of wireless Internet signals, it is particularly vulnerable to block or interfere with buildings such as walls, which will also affect the stability of the wireless LAN. For low-grade Wireless LAN, the anti-external interference capability is even worse. Obviously, such wireless LAN cannot meet the requirements of high-quality network access applications.

Wireless LAN security threats with convenient networking

Since low-end wireless LAN has some of the above security disadvantages, if these disadvantages suddenly occur or are exploited by illegal attackers, it may bring us a lot of security threats:

1. Privacy Information Leakage

Sometimes, for the convenience of work, many wireless LAN Internet users usually inadvertently include important privacy information or core work information of the Organization, even some confidential information is mounted to a wireless LAN through a mobile device, which is invisible and prone to leakage of Important privacy information, in severe cases, it can cause huge economic losses to the organization or individual.

2. Reducing Intranet security capabilities

Some wireless local networks may sometimes exist in the vicinity of a unit's wireless LAN or wireless local networks of other units. These wireless local networks are often used for mobile office or shared Internet access, most of these wireless network users do not have sufficient security awareness, and they do not have high requirements for using wireless networks, and do not need to perform security settings for wireless Internet access. In this case, any laptop installed with a wireless Nic device in the unit may be automatically connected to the wireless LAN of another unit, in this way, the wireless LAN of the unit is prone to direct connection with the wireless LAN of other units, or even the direct connection between the wireless LAN of the unit and the Internet, these phenomena will obviously reduce the Intranet security defense capability of the Organization and cause serious security consequences to the Organization.

3. Information System Security hazards

Considering that low-end wireless LAN networking costs are low, complex cabling is not required, and management and maintenance are convenient. If security awareness is inadequate, therefore, some smaller units may choose some low-cost and low-quality wireless network devices for network upgrade and information point extension based on factors such as technology and cost, networks built from these network devices will be naturally exposed to the outside world, and wireless network access cannot be effectively physically isolated, so that the security of the information system of the Organization will be compromised at any time.

Resolve wireless network security threats

Although low-grade Wireless LAN may bring us a variety of unexpected security threats to the wireless LAN, it may cause a lot of security risks to the information system of the Organization, however, for small-scale organizations that do not have high security requirements, low-grade Wireless LAN can still be used. After all, this type of networking costs are very low, more importantly, effective measures can be taken to minimize the security threats of low-grade Wireless LAN, so that small-sized users can enjoy the convenience of networking.

1. Check for security

In order to keep abreast of the security status of the wireless LAN, we should regularly check the Intranet and Internet usage of the Organization and the working status of core network devices, and make detailed inspection records. At the same time, we should also intensify our efforts to dynamically monitor the working environment of wireless networks in the areas near the wireless LAN of the Organization. In some cases, we also need to evaluate and audit the network system security of the Organization. In addition, for workplaces involving core privacy information of the Organization and important network applications, electromagnetic shielding and other measures should be taken in a timely manner to prevent illegal network intrusion or attacks.

2. publicize security

Low-grade Wireless LAN can easily affect the security of the internal network of the Organization. Therefore, the person in charge of the organization must prepare a wide range of network security information, regularly publicize and train wireless Internet access security knowledge at or below the Organization, so as to strengthen the security awareness of every wireless Internet access user. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct targeted special rectification of network security, ensure that all employees of the Organization are ideologically attaching great importance to wireless LAN security.

3. Security to management

As the saying goes, "there is no rule, it is not a square area". To ensure the security of the use of wireless LAN, we also need to make reasonable provisions on the use of wireless network devices, manage wireless Internet users reasonably, standardize the working mode and security settings of wireless network devices, and clarify the use scope and access permissions of internet users. For example, do not connect laptops with important unit information to the wireless LAN. Do not share the information in the wireless LAN. do not attach mobile devices to the wireless LAN, protection of the workplace that stores and processes core information must be shielded.

I believe that after we are aware of the various security threats to low-end wireless LAN, we can still enjoy the convenience of wireless networking as long as we take effective measures to prevent Wireless LAN security, so that low-grade Wireless LAN can also provide us with "services ".

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