Does the computer have to install the public version drive or the official drive?

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Many children's shoes in the installation of the driver will not know whether the installation of the public version of the driver or the official drive, do not know what these two categories of drivers should apply to what the situation and so on. At this point, as long as the use of driving life can be a perfect solution to this problem.

The public version of the driver is the chip manufacturers in accordance with the design of the public version of the driver, issued by the chip manufacturers, such as Nvidia's Forceware drive and AMD's Catalyst driver, the public version of the driver is generally suitable for all products using the core chip, so can be used in the public version of products, can also be used in the Non-public version of the product.

Rather than the public version of the driver is the official drive, product manufacturers for its products tailored to the driver, by the product manufacturers released, generally can only be used in their own brand products.

In other words, the public version of the driver is more suitable for the assembly of computers, while the official driver for the brand computer. Children's shoes If you do not know their own computer to use the public version of the driver or the official drive, you can give your computer to drive life , it will give you a best answer.

As pictured, small series of computers are MSI brand notebook, driving life to recommend to me and the installation of the driver are MSI official drive, and because of the small series of computer motherboards do not have the official custom drive, so drive life is recommended to install the public version of the drive.

Driving the life of the recommended principle is that, as long as the brand computer, there is an official custom drive, you will recommend the official driver, if the user's computer is assembled computer, there is no official drive, it will recommend the public version of the driver. Therefore, when you need to update the driver, the computer to drive life can be completely assured that it is recommended to install the driver is absolutely the most suitable for the computer driver.

Installed to Drive Life 6 , click on a button to detect the computer's drive for the overall detection. If the computer has a driver need to upgrade, it will be warm prompts, just follow the update guidelines to update it.

Driving life has always been the best experience for users, from drive detection, drive upgrades, drive management to drive protection, one-stop meeting all your computer-driven needs. You are the expert in managing computer-driven.

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