Does the tplink wireless extender fail to scan the router's wireless signal?

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When the wireless extended front-end signal is extended, the extended can not scan the wireless signal of the router. You can refer to the following troubleshooting methods:


Note:: If the scanned signal list is too long, you can drop down or flip the page to check the entire list.


1 , Wireless expansion device close to router scanning


If the wireless expansion device is too far away from the router or several Wall blocks and obstacles are separated, the router signal will become weak. If the loss is serious, the wireless expansion device will not be able to scan the router signal.


We recommend that you place the wireless extender next to the router, scan the router signal again and expand it. After the expansion is successful, move the extender to the appropriate location.


2 Check whether the router hides the wireless signal.


Many users hide the router's wireless signal (SSID) to prevent network attacks. The router hides the wireless signal, and the extensioner cannot find the router signal.


Log on to the vro to disable signal hiding. You can also manually add a configuration file in the extended device and enter the wireless signal name and password of the vro,


3 Confirm that the extended device is consistent with the wireless band of the signal to be extended


Our existing wireless extenders only support 2.4 GHz and can only expand the wireless signal of 2 to 4 GHz. If you are using a dual-band router and the signal to be extended is a 5 GHz band signal, the extended 5G signal cannot be found.


We recommend that you log on to the vro management page Wireless Settings> 2.4 GB Wireless SettingsThe name of the wireless signal in the China Nuclear code, and then rescan it, as shown in the following figure:



4 Check whether the vro is Chinese SSID


Wireless devices have their own encoding formats. If the two devices have different encoding formats, the signal of the other device cannot be identified. If the vro is set with a Chinese Signal name and is encoded differently from that of the extended server, garbled characters are found on the extended server or signals cannot be found.


We recommend that you change the router signal to a combination of letters or numbers.

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