Does the United States "have fan"? The inventory dilemma that the individuality age cannot escape

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In the first half of 2015, Mei Bang Apparel appeared in the first 7 years of loss: the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 94.76 million yuan, down 152.9%. In 4 years, how the United States apparel from the annual net profit of more than 1 billion reduced to loss? A knot in stock, how can it not open?

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Wen/Zhang Shule

Published in the October 2015 issue of Business review, with more revisions

The launch of the "fan" App from the April 30, Metersbonwe (hereinafter referred to as "Mae Bang"), has been fast for 2 quarters. The app, which was unveiled at the 20 anniversary of the state of America, seems to have used only one data to embarrass the nation.

From the data currently displayed in this app, the Adidas brand has only 116 items on its shelves, but its number of views has exceeded 90,000 times. On the contrary, the United States and its most popular sub-brand me&city a total of nearly 4,000 pieces, the number of visitors only 70,000 times.

The embarrassment of the relocation of the subject and subject, perhaps the United States in playing their own Internet + mode at the beginning, did not expect. But in its touyi of the years, the beautiful dream into a bubble of embarrassment, there are many.

A continuous loss?

Test water, in fact, has become a U.S. state must eat a dose of bitter medicine.

When the 30-year-old Zhou was founded in Wenzhou in 1995, he did not expect his "light asset model" to eventually create a huge costume kingdom. In accordance with his success in the "Southern weekend," said the interview, belongs to the choice of independent design, production outsourcing "stumbled", just because he once to Guangdong clothing market to do research, see many do foreign trade OEM garment processing Enterprises, well-equipped, skilled workers, but the machine idle rate is very high, so the idea of initiation out.

By 2001, the US-state sales revenue has reached 800 million yuan, is 80 times times the initial stage of entrepreneurship. Then, in May 2011, the ambitious Zhou Chengjian even shouted at the shareholders ' meeting that the first half of the year would achieve a 600% net profit increase.

The richest man in China's clothing industry, which started as a seamstress from Zhejiang Qingtian, was unaware that Waterloo was in sight.

According to financial reports, the first quarter of 2015, the United States apparel sales revenue of 1.753 billion yuan, a year earlier than 1.841 billion yuan fell 4.75%. In addition, the United States in 2014 apparel sales revenue of 6.62 billion yuan, compared with 2013 of 7.889 billion yuan, down 16.08%. In 2013, compared with $9.509 billion in 2012, it fell 17.03%, and in 2011, the U.S. revenue amounted to $9.945 billion. At the same time, the operating profit of 2014 was $178 million, down 65% from 2013, and 2013 operating profit of $510 million, down 42% from 2012. 2014 revenue fell 33.4% compared with 2011.

"Three consecutive years of loss" has become the magic spell on the head of the United States. This is in fact closely related to the internal and external wounds of the State itself.

Painting the tiger is not anti-"full position"

The United States is also an idol, as China's fast fashion brand, its idol is Zara, fast fashion creators. Fast fashion is the essence of "fast", Zara fast, even can be designed, produced, delivered in 15 days to complete. Mae Bang is about 70 days before it learns.

But the United States did not get up in the study, but in the process of learning Zara, to "fill up". Unlike Zara exclusively's direct shop, Mae Pont is a long-term take on the franchise model. Retail expert Dai Chunhua has pointed out that in the United States in the agency system, it is impossible to learn Zara's fast fashion. Because the initiative of the order system in the hands of a large number of agents, in fact, formed a bottom-up group of goods system. One of the biggest features of this model is that the franchisee because of the risk, but also want to get the money, and the money is doomed to be a lot of street clothes, the lack of personalized elements.

Zara, on the contrary, has developed its products, and the stores must sell unconditionally, which is the essential difference in the supply chain. This model allows a team of 200 designers to put a low-priced designer on all Zara's customers, and choose from a great selection of limited supplies. The Harvard Business Review is a very concise point: you can always find new products in Zara, and they are available in limited quantities. Most of these items will be placed on special shelves. This temporary break-out strategy in many people's eyes is too bold! But think of all the limited supply of goods in the market is the pursuit of it, people need not products but "different", "unique".

As a result, Zara can complete the process from design to shipment within 15 days of the trend, so the product's style and color are tightly fastened to the season when it comes to market. It takes 2-3 months for the entire supply chain to complete, and the trend has already shifted, with most of the goods being produced to be stocked.

In order to learn more like, the United States began at the top of the 5 times times the price of the franchise to promote the direct shop. Soon the revenue of the store accounted for half of the total, can join the shop and the contradiction of the direct shop is also quickly presented.

2011, in the franchisee's inventory become a must face the problem, the United States to give franchisees preferential subsidies, franchisees in the designated more than 10 days can be 80 percent sales of goods, and the United States will give 8% of the amount of subsidy, and this means that franchisees themselves have to pay 12% of the profit loss. But many franchisees reaction, 80 percent is not enough, not far from the Mae Bang Direct shop directly as low as 50 percent.

This makes the franchisee very hurt, and the potential of the cross is also in the original garment industry in the downturn of the big environment, become more serious. And the franchisee's resentment, but also around the decision-making of the United States, because the franchisee looking forward to the money, so the United States will choose every garment more production, in case of broken goods. But the supply chain speed is there, and many of the projected explosions have become more inventory.

This is exactly what Zara is trying to avoid. Any Zara copycat will be told that keeping inventories low under the fast supply chain is the basis for this model's profitability. And Zara also do so, even if the prospect of a very good style, also would rather not earn that money, nor mass production of large replenishment ...

In fact, there is a good thing, is that consumers do not have to worry about their clothing "Rotten Street", which is actually the most core of the people of the Taste appeal and consumer stimulation points. Can always responsibility Chinese enterprises, often understand this, but not to open the temptation of short-term interests.

At the end of 2011, inventories exceeded $3 billion in the first quarter, compared with an increase of 600 million yuan at the end of 2010, only in the United States, which announced a new brand image and a 600% net profit growth in the previous year. Zhou's explanation is somewhat quirky: "Inventories are mostly due to climate anomalies".

Is it really a climate anomaly? Or is it a functional disorder of my own? Moreover, after the U.S.-State in the inventory crisis, allegedly virtual out of the library and transfer pressure to dealers "scandal."

Inventory crisis brings more shocks

In early 2012, Shenyin Wanguo Securities issued a report that the United States in the end of 2011 inventory has fallen to 2.5 billion yuan scale. At that time, the net asset of the state was 3.2 billion yuan.

At a high-level management meeting at the time, Zhou Chengjian angrily criticized the subordinates ' style as "three eggs a No", namely, the Bastard, the King eight eggs and the nonsense, as well as the omission.

People may not be scolded away, but might burnout and leave, in a curse before and after, the United States has a sharp personnel unrest. At the time, media reported that in November 2010, the US-State share incentive list was awarded to 185 people, including 7 vice presidents, 17 directors and 161 department managers. No less than 40 of these people leave the state, accounting for more than 20%. These include the old minister at the beginning of American business.

The Zhou Chengjian of the moment is plotting a new plan--o2o. He wants to use the power to solve the slow supply chain and become a fast fashion brand like Zara.

This is not a whim. 2010 years later, a large number of fast fashion brands such as where the customer eslite, such as the appearance of e-commerce, this vertical e-commerce model, took a similar to the United States of America's foundry model, but also to e-commerce flat channel advantage, easily realize the United States to achieve the supply chain rapid response effect.

Light assets, light channels, low inventory and other e-commerce characteristics, but also stimulate the nerves of the United States. The rapid follow-up has become the first choice of the United States.

In December 2010, the state-of-the-State e-commerce platform was purchased online. The U.S. state of the movement even leading a number of Internet enterprises, the first to achieve a physical store in the sweep code consumption, a store out of the country to find goods, online shopping online exchange and other functions. Formed a traditional online shopping for the characteristics, with a certain test water application scenario.

In order to better stimulate the young people's desire for shopping, the United States in the early 2011, the United States to play a new brand concept-"I am new products" and invited the pop king Jay for his blessing.

However, as many traditional costumes in the initial e-commerce test in the same way, the new U.S.-State initiative has not been effective, but in the later intensified its and franchise stores and even the contradiction between the shop, three kinds of channels on the style, price and even discount activities of the difficult coordination, let us state inventory more full position.

Moreover, the slogan of the new goods even drove away some consumers. "The original is the United States of America. "For many customers in the United States, the past is actually used as a foreign brand for consumption.

By the year 2014, deep into the channel and inventory contradictions in the Zhou Chengjian also have to admit: in the "channel for the King" era, clothing enterprises will be through the money to hit the channel, open shop around, now is "user-king" of the era, has become the cost of "smashing" users, like a taxi software to burn money.

A data can testify to this change of thinking, in 2014 the United States close to 800 stores, is 4 times times the previous year, so the United States in the heyday of nearly 5,000 stores, suddenly fell to more than 4,000.

Because Zhou built figured out the crux of the problem, close-up became the trend. While closing the shop, the United States began to start again difficult test water.

This time the mode choice is the one.

Why is there no one to experience the experience shop?

America is really out of money. Huge inventories take a lot of net worth, but if you want to do it, you have to have money.

In August 2014, Mei Bang Apparel issued a notice that the original investment of 66 million yuan in its holdings of the Changan fund 33% of the equity. The industry has said that the continued decline in the main business of the United States is actively promoting the transformation of the Internet innovation, and this transformation, the need for funds, even if only a paltry 66 million yuan.

The 60 million figure is a very good indication of the plight of the state of America.

2013 Mei Bang Apparel closed some of the franchise stores, the additional more than 1000 direct-run stores. The purpose of this is to use Zara to crack the game between franchise stores and direct stores, but on the other hand, the layout is planned for the outlet shop.

The United States of America's tricks is to combine the city characteristics and shop upgrading, in the country has launched a number of experience stores, store design is implanted in local cultural elements. Taking Hangzhou as an example, the flagship store in Hangzhou, as the first transformed flagship store, was changed to "Central Station style", the hall was transformed into a waiting room, and the fitting room was designed as a train compartment to create a contextual shopping experience. In addition to providing a variety of services, the store also has a relaxation area and offers coffee snacks. New Chongqing Xinhua International Store is the new art workshop moved into the shop.

This ideal blueprint looks beautiful, but in practice, it really is an ideal. Located in Chongqing Liberation Monument, opened in March 2013 on the opening of the United States of America, the state-of-the-Huang XI experience store, said in 2015 to the media: "such as the outlet shop, such as direct-store shop generally do not earn money, are to make signs." ”

Even to make the experience more pro-people, in May this year, the Mei Bang store in Wuhan added a Doodle nail experience zone, will be the Platform Doodle Nail Service moved to the physical store to keep the guests.

In some of the media's impressions, more than 2 years later, whether it is Chengdu, Hangzhou, or upgrade after the re-launch of the Chongqing Experience Shop is a few spectators, expectations and real results are very different.

Why is this so? Perhaps the truth is not as complicated as imagined. That is, the multi-experience service of large department stores is based on the huge size of the site and the diversity of the various merchant services, and the experience becomes a more intimate shopping strategy. At least the first element of the Liuke is to allow guests to wander around and "impulse consumption" can be achieved while lounging.

And one can read the experience stores, diversified experience, and the reality of wandering the space is still narrow, after all, is a clothing store, such an experience scene of the imagination space is still limited.

Add some of the Internet experience plug-in, and can not be called as an "off-the-go", such as call to sell through the upgrade from the phone to send information, or even landing on the platform, also not on the sale. At best, it is just a shop with WiFi service, but now there is no free WiFi for customers to enjoy it!

The goods in the store have not changed. Guests from the Internet and from the roadside, the face of the shop is actually that.

In fact, in the experience shop this test water, it completely exposed the problem, that is, it still stay in "What I think users need", rather than Zara and a public clothing e-commerce is practicing the "user needs what I provide" on.

Brush "Presence" is still not personalized

But the United States in the practice of the later, still do their own, the big face-building project.

For 2 consecutive years in the name of the hot and unusual hot video program "Wonderful", this summer, the invitation to the Idol Shen become a spokesperson, the purpose is to close the distance.

But that alone is not enough to bring the nation back to its consumer bills.

Playing "fan" this card, in fact, reflects the United States in the internal innovation of the change of thinking. One of the design ideas of the fan is that every consumer can become a "fan" on the operators, your wear advice if you pay, you will get the corresponding income share. This is obviously a reference to the past beauty and Mushroom street pattern, and added a little similar to the "micro-commerce" promotion form. One of the main pain points that fan is trying to solve is that consumers are confused about dressing and can't get effective advice.

However, this still does not really realize the sense of customization like Zara found the trend of the wind. The generation gap between the United States and the core consumer population is still widening.

The United States is still working hard, just trying to need more money. On July 1, the company's 1.087 billion shares were released in private, with a projected increase of 9 billion to help push the road to the issue. In this 9 billion use plan, 2.5 billion yuan will be used for the construction of "intelligent" industry supply chain platform, 6 billion yuan for the full channel platform construction, 500 million yuan for the construction of the Internet Big Data Cloud Platform Center.

The key is actually intelligence, but the vague of the United States, it seems to be through big data to measure the full-channel platform feedback back user data, more high-speed understanding of the trend of fashion, and quickly promote product updates, to achieve the internet era of a thinking mode-rapid iteration.

In fact, this is Zara fast fashion mode of the Internet expression, can be made how to do it?

In a series of "flashy" on-the-go shows, there seems to be a hint of burial: the use of big data from experiential stores and apps to discover consumer demand. This is quite similar to what Zara used to do in a straight shop: "Every store manager in Zara has a specially tailored PDA that allows them to place orders directly from Headquarters through this networked PDA." Only big data, not labor, will be more accurate in judging trends and demands.

Then, through "smart", to quickly achieve customer demand for customization, so as to get rid of the past in the United States can only choose mass production to meet the basic needs of the extensive supply bottleneck, in the past let the custom-made "tailor shop" on the internet to revive, and eventually similar to Zara, to achieve limited supply and low inventory.

If successful, the existing offline direct store in Mae Pont will completely replace the franchise, become "fitting room" and "logistics center", of course, also undertake certain data collection function. And so, Zhou Chengjian, who prides itself as "Internet dressmaker", wants to do the Chinese version of Zara or will actually be resurrected. As for the power of designers, can be bought, it is not difficult.

Just the real difficulty is how to judge the complexity of big data, how to "I think users need what" thinking to change to the "user needs what I provide" up, these to do, it is too difficult ... (Zhang Shule: zsl13973399819, "cross-border-the Internet era must first understand the big defeat")

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Does the United States "have fan"? The inventory dilemma that the individuality age cannot escape

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