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A rare spirit in the morning, I got up ten minutes in advance. The weather outside was good, I was in a good mood, I had to wash my work, and I had time to have breakfast, eat bananas, and sharpen my work, or just clicked out. Walking in the street behind the community, a burst of nausea began. md, a pile of dogs began to appear. Every night, a group of silly old nm or silly old men in the community took a long dog like a cat and ran to this secluded road to discharge it in the guise of a walking dog. A broken dog, don't look too big. Pull * But TM is a carry-on, Shanghai should set up a law, who pulled the dog *, who eats it! One by one, the fashion looks like a person, seeing the migrant workers only have their noses, and I don't know how much they have done. If you think it is disgusting to pick up your dog *, you can leave it alone!

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