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Some people often ask what. com means? This should begin with domain name classification. The highest domain names to be divided by institutions originally had seven: com (representing commercial institutions), net (representing network service institutions), gov (meaning government agencies), mil (military institution), org (non-profit organization), edu (Education Department), int (international institution ). In 1997, seven more top-level domain names were added: firm (enterprises and companies), store (commercial enterprises), and web (entities engaged in WEB-related businesses), arts (entities engaged in cultural and entertainment), REC (entities engaged in leisure and entertainment), info (entities engaged in information services) and nom (individuals engaged in personal activities, publish personal information ). The registration services of these domain names are undertaken by a number of institutions, CNNIC also has the honor to become one of the registered institutions; according to the ISO-3166 standards of the national domain name, generally by the National NIC (Network Information Center, Network Information Center) responsible for running.
We all know that the suffix of a domain name has the meaning of CN indicating China. What other suffixes do they indicate? Highest domain names by region: AQ (representing Antarctica), AR (Argentina), AT (Austria), AU (Australia), BE (Belgium), BR (Brazil), CA (Canada), CH (Switzerland), CN (China), DE (Germany), DK (Denmark), ES (Spain), FI (Finland), FR (France), GR (Greece), IE (Ireland), IL (Israel), IN (India), IS (Iceland), IT (Italy), JP (Japan) KR (South Korea), MY (Malaysia), NL (Netherlands), NO (Norway), NZ (New Zealand), PT (Portugal), RU (Russia), SE (Sweden) SG (Singapore), TH (Thailand), TW (Taiwan), UK or GB (UK), US (USA) (generally omitted), etc.
China's domain name system is divided into two sets: category domain name and administrative domain name. There are six domain names in each category, which are divided into a c-research institution, COM-industrial, commercial, financial, and other majors, and EDU-education institution according to the nature of the applicant institution; GOV-government departments; NET-Internet and network access information centers and operation centers; ORG-various non-profit organizations.
In addition to knowing the differences between domain names and countries, if you do not know the differences between domestic domain names and provinces, the answer is yes. That is why some people ask what SH means in domain names? Here, we can tell you what SH means in Shanghai. Administrative domain names are divided into different administrative regions in China. Their criteria are determined by the national standards issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, including 34 "administrative domain names, applicable to all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China, including BJ-Beijing, SH-Shanghai, TJ-Tianjin, CQ-Chongqing, HE-Hebei, SX-Shanxi, and NM-Inner Mongolia; LN-Liaoning province; JL-Jilin province; HL-Heilongjiang province; JS-Jiangsu province; ZJ-Zhejiang province; AH-Anhui; FJ-Fujian province; JX-Jiangxi province; SD-Shandong province; HA-Henan province; HB-Hubei province; HN-Hunan province; GD-Guangdong province; GX-Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region; HI-Hainan province; SC-Sichuan province; GZ-Guizhou province; YN-Yunnan province; tibet-Tibet autonomous region; SN-Shaanxi province; GS-Gansu province; QH-Qinghai province; NX-Ningxia Hui autonomous region; XJ-Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region; TW-Taiwan; HK-Hong Kong; MO-Macao.
Except, the CN domain name is run by CernNic (CernNic) and CNNIC.

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