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Epsnap:easy and powerful, is the use of simple, powerful meaning
Epsnap is a completely free and powerful green screen capture tool, easy to install and convenient to use. Provides full screen capture, window or control capture, extended window capture, area capture, capture the entire Web page as a picture, page element capture and other powerful features, support automatic save, you can choose a variety of save formats. Supports the automatic upgrade feature. There are a number of personalized settings to help you easily complete the work!

Feature Features:
One, powerful, support a variety of capture mode:
1, crawl the current screen (shortcut key: win+1)
2, grab the specified form or crawl the controls on the form individually, such as menus, toolbars, buttons, Drop-down lists, and so on (shortcut key: win+2)
3, extended form capture, that is, in the capture, first set the size of the form, so you can crawl to the image outside the scroll bar. (shortcut key: win+3)
4. Crawl the specified area of the current screen. (shortcut key: win+4)
5, crawl the entire map of the page (the page in the picture all at once crawl) (shortcut key: win+5)
Second, easy to operate, support hotkey.
Third, humanized settings, you can choose to capture the picture saved to the file, copy to the Clipboard, support a variety of File save format, provide automatic save function.
Four, green software, do not need to install
Five, small size, only more than 400 K
VI. support for online upgrades

Latest update:
Epsnap v2.1.0.1550 new Features:
[+] Enter to complete capture (for all capture modes)
[+] When capturing a region, you can end the capture even if you click the right mouse button outside the selection area
[+] Support command line arguments
[+] re-integration of software features, more appropriate user use
[+] Display prompts when the mouse moves on the capture menu
[+] Automatic upgrade module supports multiple file upgrades
[+] Move the mouse gesture option to the mouse Gesture settings panel
[+] provide default filename when not automatically saved
[+] modified when the registration hotkey failed to prompt for information
[+] simplifies setting options, simpler settings
[+] reduces mouse gesture sensitivity to prevent misoperation

Finally, let's talk about flaws.
Currently does not support DRICTX capture, that is, not catch the player and 3D games and other screens

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 view:epsnap exclusive Introduce.aspx
 view:epsnap Use Help
 view:epsnap Development History
 view:epsnap Download ~ 291.4KB

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