Domestic wireless spectrum resource allocation Atlas

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Domestic wireless spectrum resource allocation Atlas

Domestic Mobile Communication spectrum distribution:

Spectrum Distribution of three major operators



Domestic wireless spectrum analysis

4G band Allocation Table

Next Generation Communication System Frequency

Not long ago, the National Radio Monitoring Center and the Global Mobile Communication System Association (GSMA) jointly released a cooperative research report on future broadband mobile communication and spectrum efficient utilization. The report shows that China's next-generation mobile networks will continue to focus on the spectrum below 6 GHz, including the reconstruction of the existing 2G/3G spectrum and the spectrum marked to the mobile communication system by a footer in the radio frequency division provision of the People's Republic of China, for example, 3400-3600 MHz, and a new/planned spectrum for mobile communication systems in WRC-15, China currently supports three major sections: 3300-3400 MHz, 4400-4500 MHz, 4800-4990 MHz. On this basis, the next-generation mobile network may also use more than 6 GHz spectrum resources, mainly for 6-100 GHz. Based on China's frequency division, planning, allocation, and usage, the report provides more than 10 frequencies worth studying at 6-100GHz, as shown in.

Electromagnetic Wave and radio band Division

Radio frequency division of the People's Republic of China

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