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Don't be confused by its serious name. In fact, the art of Software Talent Management is an interesting book. Its author, Michael lopp, is a senior technical manager who has been working in Silicon Valley for more than 15 years. In addition to his work, he maintains a popular blog. This book is his blog.Article. In the first chapter, the author said that he once wanted to name this book "don't be a bird". Although he used other names at last, he only said from the style, I think this name is more suitable.

This book is most suitable for those who are engaged in grass-roots and middle-level management in the software development team. If you are such a person, you will never stop sighing during the reading process: I have encountered this problem ). With his rich practical experience, Michael has extracted various problems that such people encounter in their daily management work and provided his own answers.

In the first chapter, the author defines a good manager as "no matter which position an employee is in the company, he can establish a connection with the manager". "In other words, A good manager must try to see the subtle differences of subordinates who work for it." My understanding is that talent management is the most important job for managers in my opinion. It is not easy to do this. Other jobs are perfect and cannot be called "excellent managers.

The book consists of three parts: "managed arrow bags", "process is a product", and "your other versions ". The management arrow refers to "upward Management", that is, how to manage your own leadership. In the Chapter "managers are not bad people", Michael tells us how to understand leaders and how to "manage" only by understanding them ". On this basis, the subsequent chapters introduce a lot of management skills, such as how to cope with "Monday mood bursts" (the author believes that Monday is the most prone to sudden bursts of leadership sentiment, for my current leadership alone, he is correct. Therefore, I am going to practice this chapter immediately .), How to "say no", how to understand "Management Language", and even "Resignation precautions ". These are very practical content, and this part of content is not only for management personnel, but also for all people who are not yet the boss, will learn a lot from it.

The second part is "process is a product". It mainly describes various problems and countermeasures encountered during product development, especially in the product development process of "1.0". In this part, the author puts forward a "1.0-level system of Lanz" and puts forward the following aspects that need to be done to Release 1.0 products: the bottom layer, that is, the first thing to do is "products ", the steps above are "process", "person", and "Conception ". The success or failure of 1.0 products is a matter of life and death for a startup team. The author has been in a startup company and has experienced the development process of 1.0 products, he talked about his own experiences and lessons, which are worth studying.

The third part, "your other version", is actually to teach you to identify various types of people, understand their characteristics, master their advantages and disadvantages, and thus better "manage ". I remember the previous saying "management is administrator ". It sounds simple, but how complicated people are. One hundred people have one hundred personalities, one hundred requirements, and one hundred habits of doing things, if the same management method is adopted for all people, it is inevitable to mess up a pot of porridge; but to understand everyone, it is also difficult to make it impossible (unless a team of three or five members ). So a feasible method is to divide them into several classes and manage them in several different ways. In this part, I will talk about the characteristics of people of different categories, such as the progressive and perfectionist, the organic and the mechanical, the introverted, the outward-oriented and the holistic, and the "free Electronics, and management skills for them.

Throughout the book, the greatest feelings are "practical" and "interesting". The author did not talk about profound management theories, but gave practical and effective solutions to the general problems in actual management. Because there is no profound theory, coupled with the author's humorous writing, this book is easy to read.

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