Don't be fooled by the historical truth

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I don't know when, since then, our Ancient Costumes have become the stage of the flower child. There are cloth-breaking belts and mud-breaking tiles everywhere, and general feiqi jumped up and raised across the sky... the city is filled with a sense of nostalgia. The roadside is full of weeds and there is no sense of fashion at all. This scene in TV series movies is completely different from that recorded in ancient books, I think it was because the technology was not mature at that time, and because of Hong Kong, after the opening of the Chinese mainland, the inertia continued. The inertia of our nation was very serious... let's take a look at the European and American films. They were "xin" (a few hundred years ago), then "Gladiator" (two thousand years ago), and then watched an American drama "Rome". Oh, my God, hundreds of years ago, European cities were even better than when we were just liberated. There were opportunities everywhere, fashion everywhere, military equipment, and armor of others were so bright and exquisite ..., I have never seen the defeat of a British city in the movie. If the cities built by dashi in Europe and America are really better than our civil engineering buildings, then let's take a look at the Great Olympics, the Japanese film, people are also civil and architectural, and they are better than us. Japanese clothes are also so gorgeous and exquisite that they do not see the broken cloth belt at all... our ancient Chinese costumes show that we were in a great rural area in ancient times, and the emperors were full of rags. Such a country said it was a tribe, but it was still similar. How can we say it was an ancient civilization...
We were actually fooled. In fact, in ancient China, we were very advanced. Our weapons were not just riding, we also had stone roads in our city, and they were not all dirt roads, the belts of rich people are not just rags, TV series mislead us, but our shooting technology mislead us.

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