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I am tired of working overtime on it?

Some people in the IT industry joked that "it is the abbreviation of I'm tired ".

Xiao Chen is the effective manager of the sales director Lao Yang and belongs to the "active workaholic". He hopes to "surpass himself and break through the limits" every day. Such employee leaders certainly like this, so they will occasionally ask Xiao Chen with concern to "Pay attention to work-and-rest ". Although there is no overtime, Xiao Chen is clear in his mind-"if there are any opportunities for salary increases, promotions, and training in the future, the leaders will certainly take care of it. This is called" taking advantage of small losses '."

In the early morning, his colleagues did not come yet. As usual, Chen came to the office early. when he opened the newspaper in his hand, he saw that toutiao was suddenly "only 38 years old for the itindustry's elite Mid-autumn festival."ArticleA medical doctor commented: "lack of rest is often the fuse of sudden death. fatigue, irregular life, night driving, and high tension are often the cause of sudden death ." After reading the report, Chen's brain burst into a bit of cold sweat. He vaguely remembers that at the beginning of the year, the Chinese president of a multinational IT company had a sudden cardiac arrest while running a treadmill in the gym, which is said to have been "too busy ".

According to articles in the newspaper, if you want to avoid "too much work," the daily overtime should not exceed 1 hour. In special cases, the daily overtime should not exceed 3 hours. The cumulative overtime every month should not exceed 36 hours. Mr. Chen pointed his finger to calculate his overtime schedule. "My overtime schedule has been greatly exceeded. I have to reduce it. From today on, I have to get off work one hour in advance, check whether the sky will collapse. In fact, things can never be done, money can never be earned, and opportunities can also be the same-if you miss a chance, the next opportunity will appear. If you miss it, then everything is done."

As a result, Mr. Chen reduced the number of customers originally visited from three to two so that he would not have to work late at night. In the past, he visited the customer during the day and rushed back to the office in the evening to fill out the sales progress summary form for the day, and prepared the speech and demonstration tools for the customer to be visited the next day. On this day, he rushed back to the company at three o'clock P.M. and completed the summary of the day before dinner. After dinner, he spent more than an hour to finish other jobs and then went home from work.

At the end of the month, Chen, who has always been hailed as a "sales packettle", fell to the third-most-rated position! In addition, the number of "seed customers" collected in his "Sales Funnel" also decreases significantly. As a result, the boss repeatedly warned him: "either work overtime or leave !" Xiao Chen had to work overtime to comfort himself: "the first time is bitter, then sweet. After the department manager is promoted, the overtime time can be reduced ."

Two years later, Chen was promoted to a sales department manager with impressive performance and finally had the right to develop a work system. So he immediately announced to his subordinates: "We do not encourage sales staff to work overtime even if they volunteer to work overtime." Unexpectedly, at the end of the quarter, this "model department" was severely warned by the boss due to unsatisfactory sales performance: "If you don't want to give your subordinates a whip, I will let others replace you!" Chen had to work overtime with his staff. He thought, "First bitter, then sweet. When I become a regional director, I will probably be able to reduce overtime ."

Year Later, Manager Chen was promoted to regional sales director. He just fell asleep late this night, and his cell phone rang. It turned out that an important customer was passing by the city. He called him in a nightclub and asked him to "Enjoy the light". He gave away his words and sent his deputy to accompany him. The next day, as soon as director Chen arrived at the office, the phone number on the desk rang. It turned out that the customer complained to Lao Yang last night that "Director Chen is really not interesting. How can we cooperate in the future ?". As a result, the old Yang bluntly criticized Director Chen: "You have to make up a lesson or leave !" Director Chen immediately replied, "Don't worry, I'll settle on him ." In the evening, Director Chen personally accompanied the customer to drink until the early morning and was fined n drinks by the customer. The next morning, Director Chen was taken to the hospital for infusion. In the afternoon, he rushed back to the company from the hospital to continue working. In fact, Director Chen is very bitter. "If I still want to become the sales director of the group, I will never work overtime !"

Two and a half years later, Mr. Chen was promoted to the sales director of the group. On this day, he worked overtime until early morning and just slept on the sofa for a short time. The secretary came to remind him: "Today is the group's senior meeting ." Director Chen sighed, drank a thick black coffee, and then walked to the meeting room. At the meeting, he stared at the Group CEO's face and thought, "This guy is really good. Maybe he is the only person in the company who does not need to work overtime ?"

One year later, the group's CEO suddenly resigned. The veteran who had been in the IT industry for many years said, "I'm tired and want to change my lifestyle ." The following day, Director Chen was elected as the acting CEO by the board of directors.

One day half a year later, Mr. Chen was playing a swing on the golf course. When he was about to strike a swing, he suddenly felt that his chest was replayed by an invisible hand, and the pain quickly spread to his back, the club fell quietly, and he slowly fell down. in the twinkling of an eye, his ears sounded the famous saying "The Boss" of Ni's two generations in "no way": "As long as you mix on the road, sooner or later." (End)



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