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There are three ways to earn money: crime, background, integrity. Subsidence Light chose the last road, he succeeded.

How powerful is the network? Can it change the fate of an ordinary person? The problem seems to be no more than a matter of time when more and more wealth miracles hear our ears rapidly cocoon. But wait, stop allowing numb brain, think about, why the lucky God not to care for the wise man a B C, but the gift to the humble "ding"?

This article's subsidence light, is such a lucky "ding". The network changed his life, let this 28-year-old Hubei Lad only 3 years, from a month income of 2500 yuan network management, into a young entrepreneur. Now, subsidence is the chairman of Hubei Doodle Network Technology Co., Ltd., he created the "odd Love game entertainment Community" is the largest online gaming community, his business has become the star enterprises in Wuhan.

"Integrity" of the brand

1997, subsidence light or the oil painting of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts students, interested in new things he network and a variety of stand-alone games, online games admiringly. In order to be able to withstand the higher internet fees and high tuition fees, the family economic conditions are not well-off subsidence light chose to do network management, so that "can be combined with their interests, but also for a long time free internet access and play games."

Many people in this job may be beginning, but Chen Yi is very clear about what he can get from it. He is conscientious, detail, in order to be able to let the Internet café owner like himself, teach him more network knowledge and game knowledge, he often go to work in advance, help cleaning, handling trifles, in order to be "on call", he also often overnight in internet cafes, to help customers deal with various problems. The boss admired him very much, and his free time taught him a lot of internet knowledge. Before graduating, subsidence light has honed into a network technology master, the game has a very deep understanding, and the Internet Café regulars also know this positive and motivated lad.

After graduating in 2001, subsidence light alone south to Shenzhen. The experience of doing network management allows him to find a job within a week, when an investment company's data Administrator, responsible for the management of enterprise data and customer information, a monthly salary of 2500 yuan. At that time his ideal is to save money to open an Internet café in Hubei, in order to realize this idea, he almost every night to work overtime or insist on learning.

A blessing in disguise is not a blessing. After half a year's work, a bad luck let subsidence light seize the opportunity to develop. His boss returned to Taiwan because of an investment failure. At that time, colleagues were looking for a new job, but he did not drift. He thought that the customer's data has been maintained by themselves, most customers do not understand the Internet, if suddenly lost maintenance, customers will be at a loss, the customer's website will be like no parents of children, this involves the survival of the customer site. If oneself can continue to maintain the website for the customer, not only can help the customer, but also can open up certain network resources for oneself. So, subsidence light decided to be responsible for the end, he managed to get a special server, help the old customer maintenance data. The customer sees his such behavior, all praise. Subsidence light integrity is also widely circulated in the local, laying a solid network foundation.

In this way, subsidence continue to maintain customer site, while considering the use of existing resources, to have been optimistic about the development of the network game.

Starting a business: a plaything or a blog

According to statistics, by 2009, China's game players will reach about 80 million, this is a huge crowd, will directly drive the game and related industries high-speed development. Master the Deep Network knowledge of the subsidence light, out of love for the game, ready to start a business, to create their own online game world.

The first thing he faced was financial problems. At this time, a "saw three times, ate two meals," the netizen, incredibly willing to give him 70,000 yuan investment. "His understanding of the network is more profound, the accumulation of network knowledge is more profound, more important is his past manager let me think he is very good faith, put money to him very relieved." "In October 2002, subsidence founded the entertainment network of Chi-Love games.

Because the fund is limited, subsidence light decided to start from the network advertisement that few people dabble in, "after 4 months began steady profit, the monthly income is more than 100,000 yuan." "Dug into the first bucket of gold subsidence light in August 2003 to set up a Shenzhen Doodle Network Technology Co., Ltd., after the research and development department moved to Wuhan. In order to avoid the edge of several domestic game companies, he decided to explore new areas of the game.

At that time, subsidence light found that many of his friends in order to play games unexpectedly even classes are not on, he wanted to see what is the game, to persuade friends, do not fall too deep. "I didn't think I'd be stuck in one weeks." So he thought of making a website that could help gamers educate players on how to choose games and play games and prevent them from indulging in games. After careful analysis of adolescent psychology, the 2004 officially launched the gaming community "game House." In the gaming community, the player can choose the appropriate game according to the rich information, more importantly, can through the leveling and the fictitious currency transaction, the fast promotion player level, avoids indulging in the game. In this way, not only the site can gather popularity, to obtain profits, but also to solve the problem of Wanwusangzhi, more than a stroke.

Subsidence light adhere to the "prevent the player addicted to online games" as the goal to develop the site, he firmly believe that the appropriate game, the right to play the game, in the reality under the pressure of people is good. In this way, he made clear the purpose of the site, in the game community to help players choose games, tell them how to play the game to avoid indulging in the network. This approach, so that the reputation of the site, by many gamers in the pursuit of, and let those worried about the children of the parents are also relieved a lot. As a result, the site gathers more and more players. At present, the membership has reached more than 2 million, become the largest game interactive platform, in China's gaming community has no rivals.

The best shortcut

The ambition of subsidence light is not that. "I will return to Hubei in the end!" ”

In his opinion, Hubei's personal website Although the influence is very big in the whole country, but lacks the outstanding big website which has the national influence. So, subsidence light in the United States to buy a domain name, named "Hubei Metropolitan Network", hope to be able to build in Hubei province belongs to China's best regional portal.

A lowly wage earners, carefully planning his every step and strive to create his personal image. Do network management, he positive, happy heart to help people; Work in Shenzhen, he faces unemployment, but insist on maintaining their credibility, a wide range of network resources; in Shenzhen, the entrepreneurial choice of online advertising, a new way to go in front of, back to Hubei, the development of game community to prevent internet addiction, gather popularity Today, I think that the subsidence light to Beijing to learn management management experience, expand the market. All this is the completion of the "Hubei Metropolitan Network," the qualifications and funds.

Clearly, subsidence light did not deliberately carry out life planning or to build personal influence, all of which he was classified as a person's criteria. Think it's all natural, but from his development path can be seen, everything he does is honest and reliable, and every time to bring him a good reputation, it is the knowledge he learned from everything and the reputation he gained in the entrepreneurial road to go more smoothly.

He put his reputation of honesty into the company, so that employees can get a better working platform, the company can develop healthily. At this stage, what he does is to better serve the game player, in order to guide the player to play the game correctly, and to save time for the players, to facilitate their search for game information and mutual communication, but also for the prevention of addiction to provide a new way to explore.

One businessman once exclaimed: "There are three ways to earn money now: crime, background, integrity." "Subsidence light is the last way to go, and for most ordinary people, this is the best shortcut."

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