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If Windows suddenly does not start properly, and the required files are saved in a shared resource in your network Neighborhood, are you unable to access them?

Is it not possible to use the Network Neighborhood command in Windows to access it without operating in DOS? In fact, the DOS system has its own network access command, which is the net command, the user must enter the "NET VIEW abc" command at a DOS command prompt (where ABC represents the shared computer name in the Network Neighborhood), and then enter to perform a check on the resource file on the shared computer ABC , if you enter the "NET usef:abcdef" command, you can map the network of shared computers on ABC's DEF directory on the local computer to the F disk, you can type "F:" directly at the command prompt, you can do related operations to the network Places.

Network Neighborhood garbage registration information cleaning, in the WINDOWS98 system, users of the LAN when accessing the Network Neighborhood, the registry records a sequence of command actions in the Heky_current_usernetworkrecent primary key entry, including the name of the machine being accessed, Access to the application and filename, such as: Primary key recent contains a Ierl_serversoftware key entry, indicating that you have visited the software folder in the server named Ierl_server. After clicking on this item, the right window of the editor displays the name and key value of the item. These contents are basically useless and can be properly cleaned up. After you open Registry Editor, open all levels of the primary key in the following order: Heky_current_usernetworkrecent, and then delete the subkeys of the primary key recent.

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