DotNetTextBox V3.0 WYSIWYG editor control Ver3.3.2 Free (Free Version)

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English name: DotNetTextBox V3.0 WYSWYG Web Control For Asp. Net2.0

Chinese name: DotNetTextBox V3.0 WYSIWYG editor Control For Asp. Net2.0

Type: free use of personal and non-profit websites

Author: Treasure. NET 2.0 (Terry Deng)


Control demo page: (Open upload function)


FAQ: Uid = 58

Commercial Version demo site:

Online Payment Purchase Business Edition: Uid = 86

DotNetTextBox update history
Version 3.3.2 Free

1) The DotNetTextbox. dll file is properly compressed, reducing the size by nearly 70 KB, and the normal use is not affected after compression.
2) fixed the BUG where incorrect content occurred when switching code and editing status after the code editing function is disabled in non-ie browsers.
3) the picture of the highlighted code is marked as code2.gif.
4) after this version, incremental package upgrade is provided based on this version, without the trouble of upgrading users ..

DotNetTextBox V4.0 business version features:

The commercial version of DotNetTextBox V4.0 developed with the new technology not only inherits all functions and advantages of the free version, but also improves the performance, interface, and function by more than one level than the free version, now let's briefly introduce some of the major features and technologies of the new commercial version. For more improvements to the commercial version, you can go to the commercial version demonstration site!

One of the characteristics of the commercial version: the unique dual-script compression technology ASP. NET2.0 compresses the javascript script resources used by the control to less than 15 kb!

To put it simply, it is to compress the scripts used by the control. The first step is to compress all the client scripts using the powerful javascript Compressor During the control writing process, and then use ASP. the server-level high-rate compression technology exclusive to NET2.0 technology compresses the transfer when the client loads the control for the first time. At this time, we use Fiddler (a software that obtains the actual page loading data volume, transmission-level compression can only be viewed using this tool) We can see that two scripts that have been compressed by the compressor are compressed by the server during transmission, it has been compressed from a total of 42 K and 11 K to only 10 K and 4 K. In other words, the size of the script compressed by this technology is only 1/5 of the original size, compared with the number of scripts used in the free version, the commercial version has more functions and more beautiful interfaces, but the number of scripts used is nearly 4/5 less, it undoubtedly means that the performance of the commercial version will be several times higher than that of the free version!

Use Fiddler to test the size of the page script resources (the Business version has integrated the scripts used into resource files in the unique format of ASP. NET)

You can see that the HTTP Compression item is Gzip Encoding, the original 42 k script, the compressed size is 10314bytes, that is, about 10 k!

Commercial edition features 2: Beautiful Vista-style drop-down menu and DIV window!

The commercial version uses the new drop-down menu and window style. The translucent drop-down menu with the instant preview effect makes the control look more elegant and elegant. In addition, the style of the original pop-up window is greatly improved, in addition, the positioning is more accurate, and other functions of the menu are not blocked during the pop-up. The new style menu:

Special Feature 3 of the Business Edition: added an automatically recognized file icon in the file management list!

The Business Edition supports automatic identification of file types and display corresponding icons ,:

Business Edition features 4: more powerful features and new core structures!

The commercial version will have more features and new core structures than the free version, with fewer bugs and more features than the free version ,:

Commercial edition features 5: better compatibility with various browsers!

The commercial version provides better support for various browsers. In particular, the pop-up window in non-IE browser supports automatic click hiding.

Commercial edition features 6: commercial edition provides HTML code that complies with XHTML1.0 specifications!

The commercial version provides an XHTML attribute. After it is set to True, the output content of the control is automatically converted to code that complies with the XHTML1.0 standard format.

Commercial edition features 7: commercial edition provides more thoughtful technical installation support and upgrade services!

The commercial version will provide more thoughtful technical support and subsequent version upgrade services, so as to continuously improve the functions and fix bugs of the commercial version for commercial version users.
If you are interested in the commercial version, you can go to the QQ group: 12462711 for consultation!

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