"Doubts" choose whether to be a programmer is right or wrong

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Today, I received help from a Peng friend, she asked:

Hello, Miss Yang!

Can I trouble you for a little favor? I hope to accept your guidance, I am thinking of learning to be a programmer.

Here are the questions I would like to ask you:

(1) If your life starts from scratch, would you like to be a programmer again?

(2) is the programmer an overcrowded industry?

(3) If I am learning four months of programming, is it difficult to find a job? What kind of work should I accept first?

(4) If my ability is medium, how much money can I make in the first three years?

(5) What are the pros and cons of being a programmer?

(6) If I were your child, would you encourage me to be a programmer?

Here is my reply:

You ask these questions in fact the most fundamental reason is that you hesitate, everything can not be perfect, there are some advantages must have shortcomings, if you only want all the advantages, not shortcomings, how can it?

I choose to be a programmer in my life, I am very happy, maybe next life I go to sell pancakes, I am also very happy. The important thing is that you fall in love with your career and only fall in love with the job, and you will maximize your potential and maximise your value.

Because of the rapid development of IT industry, pay high, so many people are flocking to the IT industry, resulting in a number of low-end job supply and demand changes, job search is not so easy to find, is currently "low-end post oversupply, high-end post in short supply." If you just want to learn simple to learn to enter the IT industry, advised you to give up the idea, as long as the system learning, deep learning, technology is very solid, do not worry about work, now many friends in earning let me recommend "Yang Teacher, help me recommend a few programmers, urgent recruit."

"What kind of work should I accept first?" "These questions are not solved now, because you have to learn the technology before you can talk about it, now you should consider not" what kind of work should be done ", but consider" how can I let myself have the ability to choose work ". If Peng's students are looking for a job when holding n an offer, and then let the teacher help him analyze which one to go.

"If my ability is medium, in the first three years, I may make much money", employment not only with your technology, but also your communication skills, professional quality and so on, and now a lot of enterprise recruitment standards are "technically passable, and strong communication skills, high professional quality", So, such as Peng in the teaching process not only teach you knowledge, but also improve the communication and expression ability, professional quality and so on. And how much you can finally get paid is also related to whether or not you are actively cooperating with the teacher's entire job-coaching process. such as Peng training camp some students too not confident, the teacher taught him to get a monthly salary of 9,000 of the method, he always see a monthly salary of 6,000 can not restrain, some students too self, feel oneself than the teacher also cow, for the teacher to his career guidance deaf, always follow his routines to find work, finally find work does not meet the teacher's expectations.

"What are the pros and cons of being a programmer?" If I were your daughter, would you encourage me to be a programmer? "Or what I say at the beginning, there is a loss in everything." I chose the programmer's path, and I took this path with all my undivided focus, so I didn't see him have any shortcomings at all. Just like walking on a road, some people feel beautiful scenery, some people will stare at the road soil to see "the soil is full of bacteria, good dirty", I once in the "How do I choose?" The choice is to give up the "choice of phobia" in this article, I put this article in the backbone of the editing to send you, the content is as follows:

In fact, we always face the choice of life, but some people have a choice of phobia, that is, when the need to choose "This or that", "want or not" when the outcome: if you choose to go that way, there will be n advantages, but there are n shortcomings, in the end choose not to choose it ... In the end, he was very tired, but outsiders seem to be deterred.

Every choice on the road to life is imperfect. Each road has advantages and disadvantages, each road flowers and thorns coexist, there is no perfect road, no road than which road better. "Choice is to give up", you choose a road, that is, in the abandonment of other roads, hinder us to make a choice is actually greed and fear, reluctant to be given up in the road of flowers and afraid of their choice of the road in the thorns. It is very painful for people to live with the "bad".

It industry pay is relatively high, less than the number of programmers paid a good job, so if you do not pay a high salary now, then do not consider too much, or the more you consider the more hesitant, youth in hesitation spent. Others hesitate, you hesitate, others make decisions, you hesitate, others are learning, you hesitate, others are already employed, and you hesitate.

Once you have chosen a path, go bravely and walk the road with flowers. Remember, the road is coming out, not chosen.

If you have any doubts, please add me: yzk369

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"Doubts" choose whether to be a programmer is right or wrong

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