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YOUTUBE-DL is a script written in Python that can download videos from popular video sites. Under the Linux system can download YouTube, Youku, Tudou and other popular websites video, even some xxx station video download, such as YouPorn, Xvideos and so on. Here's how to use this.

1. Environmental Confirmation
YOUTUBE-DL requires more than 2.6 python versions. Therefore, you need to confirm the version of Python that is installed. The default centos6.x is 2.6.6 installed. You can view the version by using the following command:

If centos5.x, you will need to compile and install the new version. Refer to "CentOS 6.4 installation Python2.7.5", under centos5.x, the same installation steps are compiled.

2. Download and install
YOUTUBE-DL Download the latest version directly to the/usr/local/bin/directory and give it permission to use. Command:


3. Usage
Use the Help command to view its usage:


Some of the commonly used parameters:

YOUTUBE-DL--list-extractors #查看支持网站列表youtube-dl-u #程序升级youtube-dl--get-format url #获取视频格式youtube-dl-f URL #获取所有格式 (currently YouTube only), for example: Youtube-dl-f Http://[youtube] Setting Language[youtube] N-bxnxvtvv4:downloading video Webpage[youtube] n-bxnxvtvv4:downloading video info webpage[youtube] N-BXNXvTvV4:      Extracting video informationavailable formats:37:mp4 [1080X1920]46:WEBM [1080x1920]22 : MP4 [720X1280]45:WEBM [720x1280]35:flv [480X854]44:WEBM] [48 0x854]34:flv [360x640]18:mp4 [360X640]43:WEBM [360x640]5:f LV [240X400]36:3GP [240X320]17:3GP [144x176]137:mp4 [1080p] (DASH Vi Deo) 136:mp4 [720p] (Dash video) 135:mp4 [480p] (Dash video) 134:mp4 [360p] ( Dash Video) 133:mp4 [240p] (Dash Video) 160:mp4 [192p] (dash Video) 141:mp4 [256k] (dash Audio) 172:WEBM [256k     ] (Dash audio) 140:mp4 [128k] (Dash audio) 171:WEBM [128k] (Dash audio) 139:mp4 [48k] (DASH Audio) youtube-dl-f format URL #下载指定格式的视频, here are the 1080p original picture quality video format as an example: Youtube-dl-f 137 Http:// Tch?v=n-bxnxvtvv4

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Download YouTube videos using Youtube-dl

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