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Thunder was finally released! Compared with earlier versions, it not only fixes some bugs, but also provides more powerful features. In addition, some of these features are closely related to new services. I believe this is a good news for leiyou.

  1. comprehensively enhance the blog Function

Today, global blogs are everywhere in the world. Tens of thousands of people are working hard at the same time in front of computer monitors to record their views and thoughts, either great or trivial, in this way, you can share your thoughts and opinions with others. However, in these blogs, homogeneity is very serious. The blog launched by thunder this time has its own characteristics, and it also has a clear positioning-resource blog. Different from a normal blog, a resource blog uses the resource address posted by leiyou in Xunlei online as the Blog content. In addition, leiyou uses the resource address downloaded by thunder 5 to add it to favorites and presents it to viewers by category and album composition. In addition, this new version of thunder 5 is also better integrated with it, providing the function of adding resources to favorites.

1. Add a blog prompt

In the latest version of thunder 5, use the corresponding account to log on to the minefield. If you have not activated a blog, click the red "resource blog" button (1) To Go To The activation blog page of the thunder blog, instruct the user to activate the blog, and fill in the blog Information (2 ). If you have already activated a blog, clicking it will automatically jump to the homepage of our blog.

2. added the resource favorites function.

After downloading resources with the latest version of thunder 5, the corresponding "add to Favorites" button (3) appears in the "blog" column. Click, select the corresponding album in the window shown in 4, set the title, and click "add to Favorites". The window shown in 5 appears. You can add the album to favorites in a moment. Open our blog and you will see your favorite content (6 ).

2. Provide better one-stop services

This time, thunder 5 has improved the login function, and the login status can be maintained from Thunder 5 to thunder online. Moreover, it is worth noting that thunder supports the pass function. In addition to registering an account on the official website and activating a blog, we can also use the accounts in the thunder 5 and thunder online minefield. In addition, the account we registered can also log on to thunder 5 and the minefield, so that we can get points when downloading the information. In this way, we only need to remember an account to get the "one-stop service" on thunder. This design is ingenious.

  3. Make it easier to get down"

The latest version of thunder 5 optimizes the multi-resource query technology to make resource queries more accurate. As a result, the number of resources will be greatly increased, so that the "coming down" will be greatly reduced, making it "easier to get down ".

  4. Easier start

The IE Toolbar thunder icon is added to help you start thunder. After enabling IE, we will find an extra thunder icon (7). Click it to start thunder 5.

  V. Other amendments

In addition, this version also modifies user registration information, fixes the crash of thunder in some cases, and fixes a manual update problem.

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