Download mt2601 chip data, mt2601 design schematic reference

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Download mt2601 chip data, mt2601 design schematic reference

Today, we will share with you the mt2601 materials and some materials. More complete mt2601 specifications, schematics, and development materials can be downloaded from the Technical Forum of, the hacker gateway has a lot of information on the development of the lianfa branch chip and can be downloaded to the group: 813238832

System Overview
Mt2601 is a highly integrated baseband platform that combines modem and application processing subsystem to enable smart wearable applications with integrated Bluetooth, wilan, and GPS modules. Chip Integrated dual-core arm? The CORTEX-A7 supports a variety of boot interfaces, including emmc and 32-bit. In addition, for optimal performance, lpdrd2 is a group of extensive interfaces and connectivity peripherals included in interfaces. Camera, touch screen display, mcm/SD card.

General description
Mediatek mt2601 is a highly integrated on-chip system (SOC) with advanced features,
For example, dual-core arm? CORTEX-A7 mpcore TM, 3D graphics (OpenGL ES 2), 5 m camera, lpdrd2 and high definition 720p video ×. Mt2601 helps manufacturers build high-performance smart wearable devices with PC browsers, 3D games, and cinema family entertainment experiences.

World-leading technology!
Based on mitatek's world-leading mobile chip SOC architecture and advanced Fab technology, mt2601 is a new generation smart wearable SOC integrated with mealtek EDG/GSM Modem, dual-core arm? CORTEX-A7 mpcore TM, 3D graphics and HD 720p video ××.

Rich functions and high product value!
To enrich the camera features, mt2601 is equipped with a 5 m camera with advanced features such as auto focus, anti-handshaking, automatic sensor defect pixel correction, continuous video auto focus, face detection, burst lens, optical scaling, and panoramic view.

Incredible browser experience!
Dual-core arm? CORTEX-A7 mpcore TM brings a PC browser experience and helps accelerate the accessibility of OpenGL ES 2 3D Adobe Flash 10 to an unparalleled level.

Analog baseband
To communicate with analog blocks, public control interfaces of all analog blocks are implemented. In addition, there are some dedicated data transmission interfaces. The universal control interface converts the write and read cycles of APB bus to specific addresses related to analog front-end control. During the writing or reading of any of these control registers, there is a problem with transmitting data to the analog front-end or from the analog front-end. The dedicated data interface of each Analog block is implemented in the corresponding Digital Block. The Analog block includes the following complete GSM/GPRS/WCDMA baseband signal processing functions:
1. baseband RX: used for I/Q Channel baseband A/D Conversion
2. baseband TX: used for I/Q Channel baseband D/A conversion and smoothing filtering.
3. RF control: includes a DAC for Automatic Power Control (APC. Its output is provided to the external RF Power Amplifier according to the system configuration. Auxiliary Analog-to-analog converter: provides an ADC that monitors the auxiliary analog function.
4. Clock generation: A clock square device is provided for the ××× system clock and seven PLL clock signal baseband TRX, DSP, mcuusb, and msdc units.

Download mt2601 chip data, mt2601 design schematic reference

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