Download the compressed file tip What do I do if the end of the compressed file is unexpected?

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"Unexpected compressed file end" appears in the compressed file is not downloaded, due to the server is unresponsive, causing the system mistakenly thought the file has been downloaded, the incomplete file as a complete. It is recommended to remove the file and re-download it if there is always a problem with the resource. The solution to the unexpected decompression error at the end of the compressed file is as follows:

First step: Download and install the "Advanced RAR Repair" program.

Second step: After downloading the extract, double-click to open the "Advancedrarrepair" program.

Step three: Click the "..." icon on the "select RAR or self-extracting document for Repair" button, and select the compressed file that appears "Unexpected compressed file end" error.

Fourth step: After the "Output repaired compressed document is" Click on the "..." icon on the right side of the project, click "Start Repair" after setting the saved path for the repaired zip file.

Fifth step: In the "Repair progress log" can see the specific content of the current fix, the time to repair depends on the size of the compressed file, the longer the file time, after the completion of the use of the WinRAR program to open the repaired compressed file can solve the "Unpredictable compressed file end" problem.

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