Draft software license agreement for source code library

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/*************************************** ************************

------------------------ License agreement starts ------------------------

[XXXXXXXX] License Agreement

Keyword declaration:
1. All keywords involved in this license agreement shall be subject to the interpretation in this agreement.
The keyword indicates the text contained in the minimum range of "and.
2. "Open-source": Any source code file or copy of a file set that anyone can obtain for free.
Arbitrary propagation.
3. "Source code library": A collection composed of several source code files, different from other "Source code library"
"Source code library" is "Open Source" and can be used by other software, including commercial software.
4. "complete": indicates that all files in the source code library must be the same as the obtained files.
File size and the same directory relationship. You cannot copy files in the "Source code library" separately.
5. "Use": refers to the various
Function usage.
6. "Developer": refers to the developer of the source code library, which can be an individual or organization.
7. "user": other software developers who use the source code library for development.
Person or organization.
1. The use of this "Source code library" means that "users" voluntarily use this "Source code library" and accept this license agreement
All terms discussed. If "user" does not agree to this license agreement, this "Source code library" cannot be used ".
2. Although this "Source code library" has been strictly tested in the developer's development environment, it cannot be ruled out "source code
Library "still has errors. Any loss caused by the use of this" Source code library "," Development
"No responsibility!
1. No one or organization can develop a "Source" with the same name as this source library after this "Source code library" is released.
Code library ".
2. This "Source code library" can only be developed by "developers", and the version modification permission is limited to "developers ".
3. In executable programs generated by "user ",
The "Source code library" Name and "Developer" copyright information are displayed.
4. This Agreement reserves the copyright information of "Developer" in the license agreement text.
Name: [XXX]
Email: [xxx@xxx.xxx]
Date: [xxx-XX-xx]

---------------------- License Agreement ended ------------------------

**************************************** ***********************/

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