Dragon's Forest Project process

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The Dragon Forest is an electronic version of a board game, trying to achieve this, mainly because of my fondness for strategy games, and the hope to deepen my understanding of unity3d by writing some unity3d games. Information about the Forest of Dragons can be found in the forest author's home page, and other types of board games are designed by the authors, who are interested in visiting his homepage or contacting him. By browsing the Dragon Forest author's homepage, as well as several simple exchanges with him, let me think he is a creative person, a very talented person, with such people, can always make himself progress, this happens to be immersed in the program after becoming more and more rigid and decay of their own lack of Maybe that's why I decided to implement the electronic version of the game.


Game Introduction:

The Forest of Dragons is a confrontation game between the people, the main play is to move various classes to obtain resources, suppress enemy classes, and ultimately destroy enemy cities.

Victory conditions:

Destroy enemy cities.

Game Flow:

Players need to select any one on the board to establish the castle, the establishment of the castle after the player will get a soldier, you need to click Add soldiers to add soldiers to the surrounding area of the eight lattice of any one. Mobile soldiers can display the surrounding cards, and if there is a resource card can also get to the resources. After the end of the round (turn countdown to 0), another player starts to perform the same action. Adding and moving classes is a step in which players get 2 6 random steps at the beginning of each turn.


The castle has three levels, a first-class castle has three drops of blood, two cities have four drops of blood, three cities have five drops of blood, the destruction of the castle failed.


There are three classes, soldiers, Bowman and dragons, soldiers and archers can only attack the upper and lower left and right four directions, the soldiers will jump to enemy positions after attacking the enemy, The Archers can be in place after attacking the enemy, the Dragon can attack eight directions, attacking the enemy will jump to the enemy position, but only placed on special terrain (lava). Each soldier's life is one, and the attack is one.


There are three kinds of resources, stone, grain, gold, stone used to repair the castle (consumes 5 stones to fill a drop of blood), grain used to produce the class (soldiers consume 2 of grain, the bow soldiers consume 4 grain, the Dragon consumes 6 grain), the gold is used to upgrade the castle (consumes 15 gold).


Lava, Woods, and meadows.


How to add a soldier: Click to add a soldier and click on any of the fields in your view.

How to move a soldier: Click on the Soldier on the game screen, you can select the Soldier/uncheck the soldier, then click any of the eight cells around the soldier to move the soldier

How to upgrade the castle: Click the Upgrade button on the interface to automatically upgrade the castle.


--Update (2015.07.23)

Implement basic game Flow

Change the flop to the field of view

Automatic donation of a soldier after adding a castle

Dragon's Forest Project process

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