"Dream Break Code" reading notes 2

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How can you make programming as efficient and simple as building bricks? Cox's company worked hard, but the results were not very satisfying, programming like Lego bricks was a happy thing, but in the paradox that almost always found a piece of code that would satisfy most of the needs. But what these codes don't do is just the innovation of the project ---- is the starting point for creating the project. broke our good ideas. The book also mentions that there is a standard for judging the number of lines of code, although this is a fairly fair standard of judgment, but the programmer will therefore write some unnecessary code impostors, reduce the overall performance of the software. When we write software, do not set goals too high, but from small projects, so that they will not be overwhelmed by their own large-length plans and tasks, and can not always want to eat a big fat, step by step accumulation in order to make large projects.

"Dream Break Code" reading notes 2

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