"Dream Break Code" reading notes

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To this day is almost the last few days of my reading plan, I actually read a few days ago, have been trying to write something, but these days some things have been delayed. Here I would like to explain, according to my reading plan This reading note is at least three, but in the middle of a failed to send, so here is a one-time talk about it

This book tells a lot of development of the small story, classics, but also humorous, after reading of course there will be a lot of places we have to think about.

Well, I can not say that I read this book, I want to read it is so, different people can extract from the information is also different, I read the book, I think of what is software engineering? This may also be related to the Software engineering course I have this semester, they are together, they have experienced too many technical problems in this long process, but you can say that the programming they can't make up, and finally they are not the role of the characters, I think for programming they are not extremely easy. So, I think of the whole process of software development as an engineering project, it is not a program, software engineering, or he is not only knocking at the code this link, he more is the pre-programming work, for a program, software engineers can not be less, you do a small thing, do not have it thinking it through repeated deliberation, but if you want to build a bridge, You have to consider the feasibility of the scheme, the need analysis and how the bridge should be designed, and so on.

Soon we will enter the team cooperation development software, although we should not be called a project, but this is after all, there are several people formed a team, I think a lot of things in the book have only a few of us to learn from, Chandler Many of the needs are contradictory, the use of technology is also used in advance, At this point to think about it, for the few of us to plan according to their own conditions, to properly restrain their "creativity", the most important is that they lack a strong management check a lot of things to make judgments. This, of course, is where we think about it, and hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be able to work with our team members to make a user-use software, which would be a good idea.

"Dream Break Code" reading notes

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