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After the dream system is uploaded to space, click "Module List" in "Module management" to display the Blank solution
Many online about the Dream Backstage Module management list does not show the solution, but most of the invalid, the following method is a side-dish pro-Test available, if you have tried all kinds of methods or useless, it is not to see the ultimate solution to the side dishes.

Although the weaving dream CMS is a very good open-source CMS program, but in the use of weaving dream dedecms process, we will still encounter some very annoying things, such as module management list can not be displayed, unable to uninstall the module, this is very affect the mood. Cause the Dream Module management list can not be displayed, there may be many kinds of, first of all, the following four solutions. If you still can't resolve an issue where the management list cannot be displayed, try reloading or replacing the host.

The first and the workaround: In general, the list of management lists that are not displayed in the later version of DedeV5.7 is more likely because the official server is placed remotely on the official servers. Although this can let the dream users get more official modules, but sometimes the site in a time period is not connected to the dream of the official server, you may not be able to write the module list file content, resulting in a blank module list. In general, the/data/module/moduleurllist.txt module list file has no content is the direct reason for the Dream Module management list blank.

The workaround for the above problem is to open the/dede/module_main.php file (where Dede is your admin directory) and comment out the following code for approximately 91 lines and 95 lines:

$modules _remote = $DM-> Getmoduleurllist ($moduletype, $mdurl);

$modules = Array_merge ($modules, $modules _remote);

In this way, the dream program does not get the list from the remote, but it gets the list from the local. Solve the Dream Backstage Module management list does not show there is also a stupid way, is to use the content of the/data/module/moduleurllist.txt file to replace the corresponding file, so/data/module/ The Moduleurllist.txt file has content, and the module management list is displayed.

The second situation and the solution: there is also a situation that will cause the management of the Dream Management module The list cannot be displayed, that is, the Fsockopen () function is disabled, this function is a dream to get the Remote module management list. The solution can be used to remotely obtain a management list with the first forbidden dream, and the other is to turn on the Fsockopen () function if your host supports it.

The third situation and the solution:: Download the source down after the local installation of the background module can be normal display, but uploaded to the space after the module is not displayed, this situation is usually your spatial parameters or settings problems, you can consult the space quotient, or try the method:

dedehttpdown.class.php the file in the include to make relevant changes, that is, the $this->m_fp?= @fsockopen ($this->m_host,? $this->m_port, ? $errno,? $errstr, 10);

Replace with $this->m_fp?=? @stream_socket_client ($this->m_host?.? ': '?.? $this->m_port, $errno,? $errstr, 10);

The fourth situation and solution: Start the module normal display, but later installed the other module plug-in suddenly found that the module list is missing, this your situation mainly has the following two reasons:

(1) data/module/in the Moduleurllist.txt file is destroyed, then we can download the open to look at, if the content is empty, the description is destroyed, we extracted from the source of a cover up on the line;

(2) module_main.php file is damaged, we extracted from the source of the upload overlay can, here is emphasized, do these before, must be backed up, to prevent the unexpected situation, because the program this thing unstable factor or more

Of course, the Dream Dedecms Backstage Module management list is not displayed for other reasons, such as the Dream program does not have sufficient permissions to write to the/data/module/moduleurllist.txt file, will also cause the list blank.

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