Dream defect Tracking System Version 2.0 Beta

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Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to exchange and learn about the Dream defect tracking system. 2.0 is a fast solution for project bugs jointly launched by mengying Technology in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, it is a lightweight project management system that allows engineers to know and solve problems as quickly as possible with the project BUG. This system is fully open-source and developed based on PHP + MySQL.
Dream is developed based on our Winner permission management system and has powerful user control and efficient and stable running of Winner. It is developed specifically for projects and can meet the basic needs of most project development. A series of auxiliary functions are also added. Let's take a look at the powerful and convenient functions of "Dream Project Management System 2.0:

System Interface and Structure
Dream2.0 modifies the System Logo, which is more concise and more elegant. It also makes some changes to the console, and adds user-related bugs to quickly view the list. Users can immediately know their tasks as long as they log on to the system.

Project management:
1. Based on the project, follow up the progress of each project in real time, and the project progress is clear at a glance. Dream2.0 improves the display mode of the status in project management to make the data clearer.

2. In Bug tracking mode, the tester immediately submits the Bug and assigns it to an engineer. When receiving the message or email, the engineer can solve the problem immediately to maximize work efficiency, in addition, the new version adds the graphic display function and BUG status statistics function to make the data clearer and easier to understand.

Latest follow-up:
Dream2.0 beautifies the display style of the latest follow-up list, making the page more beautiful and concise

Bug Encyclopedia:
Share with the company the typical problems encountered during the development process. When developers encounter the same problem, they no longer need to waste time on Baidu or ask others. At the same time, it can also be used as a condition for the company's performance appraisal. The new version also improved a lot and added the code formatting style!

Travel log:
Understand the business trip, work efficiency, and solutions of each employee, and the new version has also been optimized and improved.

Other functions:
1. added the system announcement function, allowing users to immediately know the company's major events and display them on the homepage in the form of a marquee.

2. user notification and reminder functions

3. Project email reminder function. The system provides project email reminders, BUG submission email reminders, and follow-up email reminders, this allows users to immediately learn the latest project status without waiting for the system.

Official website address: http://www.d-winner.com/

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