Dream Westward tour of the civilian how to Brush money Dream West Tour hand fast earn gold coins/silver strategy

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  earning silver coins

1. Dream Rebate

Dream Hand Tour is NetEase development of the new mobile phone game, for the 2 from the Dream West Tour player is a silver coin rebate. The rebate ratio is based on the fantasy West Tour 2 of the consumption points to set, fantasy West 2 in the consumption of points more, the return of the more benefits are obtained. From level 10 to level 30, you can get 500W of silver. It is also a large sum. You can save it for a little bit of skill.

2, the plot main line rewards

Early upgrade is relatively fast, will be the main line after the reward will be a certain silver, this money should not be disorderly flower, used to buy gems, point skill point repair on the back is very useful.

3, the Red Dust trials

55 of the Red dust trial to obtain about more than 1 million of the silver coins, this money can also stay.

4. Charge Dart

Charge Dart three times a day, remove the principal each time can get 6W of silver and 300 of gold coins. You can get 18W silver and 900 gold coins three times. Over and over, it's not a small sum.

Sum up the above silver coins:

Fantasy West Tour Rebate is the main income, probably 500w+

The main plot award is valued at 100W

The dust test is more than 150W

10 days to charge the dart: 18*10=180w

In the 10 days of playing the new number, it is estimated that 930W silver coins can be obtained. In addition to the daily activities of the silver coins, the new number 10 days can be obtained 1000W silver coins for future use.

  earning Gold coins

1. Cooking

The cooking skill point to level 60, can cook out Shedan wine. Why will the cooking point to level 60, because the 60 level of cooking consumption of energy is 50 points, is a cost-effective one of the most appropriate point. and level 69 according to 100 activity per day to get 750 points of energy to cook, can live 1500-3000 gold coins income (bad luck is all steamed stuffed bun Then I have nothing to say).

2. Active degree

When the active degree reaches 100, can receive 1000 of gold coins, this say much also not much, but accumulate over time. It's a big income, too. Plus the process to get 66 and gems and so on, think about is also a lot of it.

3. Charge Dart

Charge Dart Principal 3W, gain 6W silver coin + 300 gold coins. A day's income is 900 gold coins.

4, the Division door task

The tenth time the teacher's reward can be awarded 300 gold coins, two rounds down to 600, of course, this is not counted on the price of goods purchased =. =

5, PO Map task

Baoto 10 a day, according to the odds of a beast and the probability of obtaining 1000 gold to calculate, this average daily can get 500 gold income.

Now to sum up our gold coins of the day:

The cooking harvest is 1500 gold.

Active 100 point Reward 1000 Gold

3 times 900 gold for a dart.

Two times the tenth Ring of the Division 600 gold

See the face of the 10 Treasure Map Task 1000 Gold

Summed up is: one-day income of the gold coin is 5000, this is not a demon and catch ghost income Oh, so the actual income is much more than this. Leave this gold coin for 10 days ... hey, don't you want to buy BB?

10 days of income is very much, novice 930w of silver coins, plus 5W of gold coins, is a good income. The purchase of gems and points of skill is supposed to be barely done.

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