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dreamweaver| Advanced | Template DreamWeaver4 came, quite a bit the taste of the wolf. "What, the 4.0 version came out?" I'm 3.0 and I'm not familiar with it! "Indeed, the software's replacement speed is getting faster, the new software wave after wave-first is flash5.0 start, then have Photoshop6.0, and then to the nearest DreamWeaver4.0 and Fireworks4.0, really a bit unbearable feeling." This time to say is not DreamWeaver4.0 new features, on the contrary, to introduce the DW has been a relish for people, starting from the 2.0 version of the function-template and library.
DW2.0 began to contend with the Frontpage98, at that time there is a bright light of the template and the library, it is a pity that the later version of the 3.0 and the 4.0 version of the template and the library can not see how much improvement, perhaps Macromedia Company already feel its function is strong enough! However, in the practical application, the use of templates and libraries is still a certain skill.
What is the definition of a library?
Many tutorials when talking about the library, are recommended to the footer of the copyright information into a library, when you want to modify the copyright, as long as you modify the library, you can easily update all the pages. In addition to the application in the footer, the library can actually be used in many places, such as navigation bar. For example, 21CN homepage navigation bar, under the banner computer, entertainment and other columns can be made into a library. There are column names, if you want to a large site to add a column and there is no change in the overall style, using the library is very convenient.
Libraries can also be used in many places, such as pictures, text (usually a specific name), in short, before planning the site to think about where to use the library, so later maintenance is very convenient.
Why can't I define style sheet CSS for the library?
This is a problem that is often encountered when you are just contacting a library. The first thing to solve this problem is to understand how the library works. In a page that uses a library, look at the source code (fortunately DW4 can view both the source code and the workspace directly), you will find that the place where the library is used is defined by the DW, while in the library, the source clock does not contain the label, and the CSS cha-room definition is between.
Knowing the problem is easy to solve. When using the library, add the CSS code to the library's source clock, so that the library can also define CSS.
Third, after the new file from the template, why can not connect CSS?
When you define a CSS file, all of the files in the Web site are connected to the file, and the technique is often used. But when it's strange, using a template to create a new file, you can't even use CSS.
Also start with the source code. Usually when you create a template, you define a table or a picture to feed the editable region. The key is also here: DW on the other than defined as editable region, the other can not edit! It is also said that if the table is defined as an editable region, then only
Can be changed between when!
The solution to this problem is the same as the previous question: in the template in the predefined CSS, and then output CSS file, (DW4 in the new features can be directly created. css file) directly in the template to connect the CSS file, so it can be.
In fact, in the use of templates and libraries encountered in the problem, very much can be resolved through the source code. This also illustrates a problem: many problems still need to be solved through the source code, even if the WYSIWYG edits are based on how powerful. Luckily, DW4 added a new feature that looked at both the code area and the workspace, making it easier to make Web pages. Of course, there are many other new features of DW4, and we will study it later.

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