Dreamweaver basics: Learn about the DW status bar

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Status bar

The status bar at the bottom of the document window provides other information about the document you are creating.

The tag Selector displays the hierarchy of tags that surround the selected content. Click any tag in the hierarchy to select the tag and all its contents. Click to select the entire body of the document. To set the class or id attribute of a tag in the tag selector, right-click (Windows) or press and hold the Control key and click (Macintosh) the tag, select a class or ID from the context menu. The tag selector is the preferred method for selecting a tag because it ensures that you always select a tag accurately.

Hand tools allow you to click a document and drag it into the document window. Click "select" to disable the hand tool.

The "zoom" tool and "set zoom ratio" pop-up menu allows you to set a zoom ratio for the document.

The "window size" pop-up menu (visible only in the "design" view) is used to adjust the size of the "document" window to a predefined or custom size.

The right side of the "window size" pop-up menu is the document size and estimated download time of the page (including all related files, such as images and other media files.


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