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Dreamweaver to make Web browsing faster, sometimes have to use Flash animation instead of GIF animation, but not all of the people have installed their plug-ins, a good site to solve this problem, generally give two versions, Flash version and HTML version, But we need to choose to enter that version, with the popularity of the internet is not all people know what is flash, what is HTML, this part of netizens how to choose? We can let your website make the choice to choose into that version, a solution to worry about. This is the main content of our section--check Plugin (check plugin).

One, know the Check plugin edit window

Press F8 in the DW edit box to bring up the Behaviors panel, click Select Check Plugin immediately appear the following window:

Plugin: The first select selects several plug-in options it offers, commonly used with Flash,shockwave,quick time. And the second is to enter directly the first item is not listed plug-ins, generally rarely used.

If Found,go to URL: If the plugin is found to open the current page. Otherwise,go to URL: Opens the current location when no plug-ins are found.

Always go to First URL if detection isn't possible: This option is generally not selected, it means that if you cannot perform a plug-in check, you can enter the page one.

two. Common Application of Check Plugin (checking plugin)

Its application space is not too large, the general excitation of its events is onload, so this section will not introduce other events. For this application I will make a simple introduction:

1. In the use of this behavior to prepare a total of two pages, one is to support your plug-in page, and the other is not support Plug-ins page.

2. Click the page with the mouse to start the blank, otherwise there will be no onload event for you to choose.

3. After adding check plugin behavior, change the event (events) to onload.

A check plugin behavior only provides detection of a plug-in, if required to check both the Flash plug-in and Shockwave Plug-ins, and separate into different pages, how to do? Very simple, just add a check plugin behavior, this is the DW support, but you also have to make a version of the page, of course, you can add more plug-ins to check, I would like to remind you that it will affect the speed of your web browsing.

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