Dreamweaver CS3 integrated spry form detection trial

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Dreamweaver CS3 integrates the AJAX framework spry, making me recently interested in spry.

Again, the next spry is the AJAX framework launched by Adobe, the so-called AJAX framework, to talk about the current popular Web2.0.

1, these Web2.0 site from the page form, the page and browser interaction is very stylish, but also very human. such as registration information when the input mailbox is irregular, the page immediately prompt ... Of course, this has been applied before Web2.0, but there has never been a time when such technologies such as instant detection, such as this one, are so highly compliant with user experience that they cannot be written out of JavaScript scripts and are already part of the definition of Ajax.

2, of course, Ajax is not only these, such as to make a "tabpane tab" very cool page display function, our handwriting JavaScript script on the comparison of the trouble, of course, there are many in the Web2.0 site to see such as "Show and Hide", "Fade in" and other effects, This is all about JavaScript, and now we're also called Ajax technology.

The core technology of 3,ajax is the ability of data processing and the ability of remote asynchronous processing, which mainly concentrates on the data interaction of XML data.

All of this, JavaScript is the biggest, XHTML, CSS exists as a manifestation, because XML involves XSLT, XPath and other technologies, as well as related DOM operations, all of the components that need functional files constitute the AJAX framework (if you can, You can also write an AJAX framework for your own use.

The Adobe Spry Introduction page has this sentence:

With Spry, can use HTML code, CSS code, and a minimal amount of JavaScript to incorporate XML data into your HTML docu ments, create widgets such as accordions and menu bars, and add different kinds of effects to various page elements.

Using a spry framework, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript allow you to present XML data in HTML articles, create interfaces for cool menus, and other page effects (roughly three categories of content, which are also available in a Spry Ajax framework).

As a result, learning spry can begin with the following three points:

Working with Spry widgets

Working with Spry effects

Working with Spry XML Data Sets

The day before yesterday about Dreamweaver CS3 integrated spry effect trial is one example of spry widgets, and the form detection described today is also part of it.

After you insert the spry-Spry Validation text field textbox in the page, after you select the form element, the blue text "Spry TextField" above the form element is selected, except for its element attributes. The Properties panel displays the contents of the form validation-related options.

For example, the following figure is to select "type" is "email address" of the message input detection, triggered by default is "Submit", of course, you can choose "Blur" or "change" for these operations, the user has a simple javascript knowledge. You can also set default text prompts, whether you must fill in, and so on.

These operations, for users with Dreamweaver experience, have been the operation of the script in the DW, but those who display the pop-up warning box, and now immediately after the form elements of the instant display of text information, compared to which more let the user feel kind? This is the Web2.0 in the form of qualitative leap.

Using the spry framework to provide these operations not only generates standards-based XHTML+CSS code, but also completes the User Experience page function, which is the experience of Spry Dreamweaver CS3.

Next, try the effects and XML Data of the spry framework, and believe it is more exciting.

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