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This article shares the popular online Adobe CS6 activation method , which comes from the web, only for study purposes and is strictly prohibited for any commercial use.

The Adobe CS5 Universal activation method has been introduced in previous articles, and is suitable for CS5 series software. The Adobe CS6 Common activation method, like the previous one, also applies to the CS6 series software.

Adobe CS6 Universal Activation method

Method features: Once and for all, you only need to download the Adobe CS6 Universal activation patch to the appropriate location below this article. The method is as follows:

Adobe CS6 Universal Activation method

1. Download the official original installation package of Adobe CS6, install and complete the software in a trial mode first.

2. Run the software once the installation is complete, and then close.

3. Download the Adobe CS6 activation patch below this article, after decompression get 32 and 642 folders, according to their system type selection, 64-bit system please select 64 folder, copy the Amtlib file inside, replace the corresponding software installation directory of the same file can be.

4. It's done! Turn on the software again and the activation is successful.

Adobe CS6 Activation considerations

If you have multiple Adobe CS6 software installed, such as Dreamweaver CS6, Fireworks CS6, and so on, the activation patch needs to be covered in each software installation directory. In general, the installation directory for Adobe series software is as follows (where "X" indicates the letter selected for the Software installation):

Fireworks Cs6:x:\program Files\adobe\adobe Fireworks CS6
Dreamweaver Cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Flash Cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe Flash CS6
Photoshop cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe photoshop CS6
Illustrator cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe Illustrator cs6\support files\contents\windows
Premiere Pro cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe Premiere Pro CS6
After Effects cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe effects Cs6\support Files
InDesign Cs6:x:\program files\adobe\adobe InDesign CS6

Due to copyright issues, this article only retains the introduction of the article, no longer provide the download of copyright documents, various links have been removed, to bring you inconvenience, please understand.

Dreamweaver CS6 New Features

Adaptive Grid layout with responsiveness

Create Cross-platform and Cross-browser compatible Web design with a responsive, CSS3, adaptive grid layout. Use concise, industry-standard code to develop projects for a variety of devices and computers to improve productivity. Visually create complex web design and page layouts without being busy writing code.

Improved FTP performance

Save time uploading large files with a modified multithreaded FTP transfer tool. Faster and more efficient upload of web site files, shorten the production time.

Adobe Business Catalyst Integration

Use the integrated Business Catalyst panel in Dreamweaver to connect and edit the Web sites you have built using Adobe Business Catalyst (For additional purchases). Build an E-commerce Web site with a managed solution.

Enhanced JQuery Mobile Support

Use the updated JQuery mobile framework to support the creation of local applications for IOS and Android platforms. Build applications that touch mobile audiences while simplifying your mobile development workflow.

Updated PHONEGAP Support

Updated Adobe PhoneGap? Support makes it easy to build and encapsulate local applications for Android and IOS. Create mobile applications by adapting existing HTML code. Use the PHONEGAP emulator to check your design.

CSS3 Conversion

Make the Web page design lifelike by changing the CSS properties into animated transformations. Maintain accurate control of web design as you work with page elements and create graceful effects.

Updated Live View

Use the updated Live View feature to test the page before publishing. Live View now uses the latest version of the WebKit conversion engine to provide excellent HTML5 support.

Updated multi-screen preview panel

Use the updated multiple-screen preview panel to check the display of items created by smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This enhanced panel now allows you to check HTML5 content rendering.

Dreamweaver CS6 Official Simplified Chinese version download

Note: directly right click on the link below, select "Use Thunder download Can"

Software Download (278.75MB)

    • Adobe official Download link (right button-> use Thunderbolt to download)

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