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Q: I have a large image that is cut and spliced in Dreamweaver, but there is always gap. Why?

A: I wonder if you want to set the margin, spacing, and border of the table to zero. You only need to note that when splitting an image

You can set the distance between tables.

New window

Q: How can I "jump" the window of the link when I click the link, instead of transferring the original page to the window of the link?

A: You can select the link and change "Target" on the property panel to "_ blank" (as shown in Figure 1 ).

Graphic properties panel interface

Enter Space

Q: I often enter spaces when editing webpages, but I will never input them! How can I enter it?

A: This issue is often raised. In fact, spaces cannot be entered directly in Dreamweaver. You can click "Insert" -- "Non-Breaking Space (Insert Space)" (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Space key) to enter spaces, but you must note that the editing status does not show any effect and can only be seen in the browser! Another very simple method is to set your input method to full-angle (as shown in Figure 2 ). If you want to see it in the editing status, tell you the most primitive method: copy spaces in some text editing software (such as Notepad) and paste them in Dreamweaver.

Figure setting full-width page

Remaining side bleeding

Q: I always keep a distance around my webpage. How can I keep it on the sidelines?


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