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I remember that I used Dreamweaver (DW) three years ago. I bought a book and didn't figure out whether DW 1.0 or DW 2 was used. 0. now that all DW data is MX, the meaning of MX is unclear. When Flash MX came out, there was a word on the Macromedia website that was close to "must have", but there was no explanation of X. However, the English pronunciation of "X" is easily reminiscent of "excellent", so I guess it may be the abbreviation of Macromedia Expert.

Well, hurry up and open dw mx (as shown in the figure). It's a big change in female, and it's actually integrated with the HomeSite code style. If you still like her previous pure figure, you can also choose the pattern of DW4.0.

I. Art and technology

When creating a webpage, we can neither focus only on visual effects, nor blindly pursue the strength of the background. Dw mx just gave the artist and the programmer a stage in common, and everyone was using it. They knew that no one would despise the other's work. Intuitively, dw mx draws closer to Fireworks MX and integrates DW UltraDev's visual programming tool/panel.

The working interface of dw mx is also full of artistic atmosphere. The layout of the Insert panel under the menu is simply a navigation bar of a website.

From a technical point of view, the improvement of dw mx is really surprising. She seems to be asking you: "What other webpage files can I edit ?" Indeed, first look at the File type drop-down menu in "File> Open", and then look at the Insert menu in "awesome". I can't help but sigh: her appetite is really big, to win the favor of every programmer.

In any case, dw mx provides a common working platform for US engineers and programmers, which will certainly improve the efficiency of webpage creation/website development. Speaking of efficiency, I think DW MX is more suitable for Chinese users. The talent market continues to send signals-to compound talents, dw mx is just catering to the tastes of bosses-to save money. In the future, it is enough to write only one article when recruiting Web page producers: "We must be proficient in dw mx ". It is self-evident that the applicant should not only be an artist, but also access ASP, ASP.net, JSP, PHP, CFML, XML, WML, EDML ......

2. Beginner and professional

If you are a beginner in creating web pages, you will be at a loss when using dw mx? Don't worry. dw mx itself is a super e-book. What can I do while learning. Find these icons in various pop-up windows/panels, for example, in Insert → Tag, right-click an object and select Edit Tag, you can click to call up the Reference Book at any time. There are a total of 8 Reference books.

When I first came into contact with web pages/websites, many people may easily ignore or have difficulty understanding the definition of "local sites". This time DW MX designed a "wizard" for beginners, as long as they follow the prompts to do it step by step. In this way, you can create a webpage on the local site. After uploading the webpage, the image is not displayed or the link is incorrect.

After the local site is set up, it is inevitable that an error will occur during the production of the web page. It doesn't matter if the website is lost. dw mx can correct the assignment for you and open the "Window → Results" panel Group, it can check the syntax, browser, link, client, server, and other aspects, and click the icon on the panel to output reports in htm format.

From a professional perspective, dw mx draws on the working mode of the text editor. For example, you can select the HomeSite user interface during installation, and the File has the Print Code, when editing in the Code window, a Code prompt is displayed to complete the input. Separate Code lnspector. in the menu Window, we can feel the emphasis of dw mx: the Code and Application panel groups in the prominent position are designed for dynamic languages and databases, the panel for editing static web pages is left empty in Other.

Dw mx not only supports almost all network programming languages, but also fully considers the use of texts from different countries in the web page from the international perspective. For example, when editing Arabic text, you need to change the Direction settings to right-to-left. It seems that professional designers must have at least X languages: Chinese, English, HTML ......

If you just want to get started with dw mx and don't want to go to the people's room, it's really a big deal. Open the help files and e-dictionaries and stick your head to it.

III. Past and Future

Let's think about DW in the past, but now it's a "wise man.

Look at the menu command "File → 4New", which is a bit like "File → New → webpage" in the FrontPage and provides many template options. In the future, it will be hard to say whether dw mx will be templated everywhere. Now the installed directory will have a huge size of 90 MB.

In the past, the Reference Book always seemed to be invisible to users. Now, we can adjust the font size. However, it is a pity that we still cannot select and print high brightness. In addition, why not have a PHP Reference Book?


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