Dreamweaver shortcut keys

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File menu

Create document Ctrl + n
Open an HTML file Ctrl + O or drag the file from the [File Manager] or [site] window to the [document] window.
Open Ctrl + Shift + O in the framework
Close Ctrl + W
Save Ctrl + S
Save As ctrl + Shift + S
Check link SHIFT + F8
Exit Ctrl + q

Edit menu

Undo Ctrl + z
Repeat Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + z
Cut Ctrl + X or SHIFT + DEL
Copy Ctrl + C or Ctrl + INS
Paste Ctrl + V or SHIFT + INS
Clear Delete
Select Ctrl +
Select the parent tag Ctrl + Shift + <
Select the sub-tag Ctrl + Shift +>
Search and replace Ctrl + F
Find Next F3
IndentCodeCTRL + Shift +]
Left indent code Ctrl + Shift + [
Balance Large arc Ctrl +'
Start the external editor Ctrl + E
Select Ctrl + u as the parameter

Page View

Standard view Ctrl + Shift + F6
Layout View Ctrl + F6
Tool bar Ctrl + Shift + T

View page elements

Visual assistant Ctrl + Shift + I
Ruler CTRL + ALT + R
Display grid CTRL + ALT + G
Align to grid CTRL + ALT + Shift + G
Header content Ctrl + Shift + W
Page property Ctrl + Shift + J

Code editing

Switch to design view Ctrl + Tab
Open the quick tag editor Ctrl + T
Select the parent tag Ctrl + Shift + <
Balance Large arc Ctrl +'
Select Ctrl +
Copy Ctrl + c
Search and replace Ctrl + F
Find Next F3
Replace Ctrl + H
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + x
Repeat Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + z
Switch breakpoint CTRL + ALT + B
Shift + up
Shift + down
Select the Left character Shift + left
Select SHIFT + Right
Page up
Page down
Shift + page up
Shift + Page down
Select Ctrl + Shift + left
Select the right word Ctrl + Shift + Right
Move to home
Move to end of line
Move to the top of the Code Ctrl + home
Move to the end of the Code Ctrl + end
Select Ctrl + Shift + home from the top of the Code
Click Ctrl + Shift + end at the top of the Code

Edit text

Create new paragraph enter
Insert line feed
Shift + enter
Insert spaces without line breaks Ctrl + Shift + spacebar
Copy text or objects to other locations on the page Ctrl + drag select project to new location
Double-click a word
Add the selected project to database Ctrl + Shift + B
Switch Ctrl + TAB between design view and code editor
Open and Close the [attribute] checker Ctrl + Shift + J
Check spelling SHIFT + F7

Format Text

Indent Ctrl +]
Left indent Ctrl + [
Format> NO Ctrl + 0 (0)
Paragraph Format: Ctrl + Shift + P
Apply Title 1 to 6 to section Ctrl + 1 to 6
Alignment> left alignment Ctrl + Shift + ALT + L
Align> center Ctrl + Shift + ALT + c
Align> right align Ctrl + Shift + ALT + R
Bold selected text Ctrl + B
Tilt selected text Ctrl + I
Edit style sheet Ctrl + Shift + E

Search and replace text

Find Ctrl + F
Search for the next one/search for F3 again
Replace Ctrl + H

Process Tables

Select Table (cursor in table) Ctrl +
Move to the next cell Tab
Move to the previous cell SHIFT + Tab
Insert row (before current row) Ctrl + m
Insert a row to the last cell tab at the end of the table.
Delete the current row Ctrl + Shift + m
Insert column Ctrl + Shift +
Delete column Ctrl + Shift +-(character)
Merge cells CTRL + ALT + m
Split cell CTRL + ALT + S
Update the table layout (Force repainting in "quick table editing" mode) Ctrl + spacebar

Processing Framework

Select Alt + Click in framework
Select the next frame or frame page Alt + right arrow key
Select Alt + left arrow key on the previous frame or frame page
Select the parent frame Alt + direction key
Select the sub-frame or frame page Alt + arrow key
Add a new frame to the frame page Alt + drag from the frame Boundary
Use push mode to add a new frame to the frame page Alt + Ctrl + drag from the frame Boundary

Processing Layer

Select layer Ctrl + Shift + Click
Select and move the animation layer SHIFT + Ctrl + drag
Add or delete layers from selection SHIFT + Click Layer
Move the direction keys on the selected layer in pixels
Incremental SHIFT + direction key
Adjust the layer size in pixels Ctrl + direction key
Adjust the layer size in units of incremental operations Ctrl + Shift + direction key
Align the selected layer with the top/bottom/left/right of the last selected layer Ctrl + TOP/bottom/left/right direction key
Unify the width of the selected layer Ctrl + Shift + [
Unify the height of the selected layer Ctrl + Shift +]
When creating a layer, switch to nested settings Ctrl + drag
Switch grid display Ctrl + Shift + ALT + G
Align to grid CTRL + ALT + G

Processing timeline, Image

Add an object to the timeline CTRL + ALT + Shift + T
Add key frame shift + F9
Delete A Key Frame
Change image source file attribute double + Click image
Edit image in external editor Ctrl + double-click Image

Manage hyperlinks

Create hyperlink (selected text) Ctrl + L
Delete hyperlink Ctrl + Shift + L
Drag and Drop to select text, images, or objects from the document creation hyperlink, and shift + drag to select files in the [site] window
Drag and Drop to use the [attribute] Checker to create a hyperlink to select text, images, or objects, and then drag the [attribute] checker's file pointing to the file chart to the [site] window
Open the link document in Dreamweaver Ctrl + double-click the link
Check the selected link SHIFT + F8
Check the link Ctrl + F8 throughout the site

Locate and preview in a browser

Preview F12 in the main browser
Preview Ctrl + F12 in the secondary Browser

Debug in a browser

Debug Alt + F12 in the main browser
Debug CTRL + ALT + F12 in the secondary Browser

Site Management and FTP

Create a new file Ctrl + Shift + n
Create a new folder Ctrl + Shift + ALT + n
Open the selected Ctrl + Shift + ALT + O
Download the selected file or folder Ctrl + Shift + D from the remote FTP site or drag the file from the [remote] Bar of the [site] window to the [local] Bar.
Upload the selected file or folder to the remote FTP site Ctrl + Shift + U or drag the file from the [local] Bar of the [site] window to the [remote] Bar.
Extract Ctrl + Shift + ALT + d
Save Ctrl + Shift + ALT + u
View site map Alt + F8
Refresh remote site Alt + F5

Site Map

View site file F8
Refresh local column SHIFT + F5
Set as root Ctrl + Shift + R
Link to the existing file Ctrl + Shift + k
Change link Ctrl + L
Delete Link
Display/hide link Ctrl + Shift + Y
Display page title Ctrl + Shift + T
Rename file F2
Zoom in on site map Ctrl + + (plus)
Zoom out site map Ctrl +-(hyphen)

Playback plug-in

Playback plug-in CTRL + ALT + P
Stop plug-in CTRL + ALT + x
Play all plug-ins Ctrl + Shift + ALT + P
Stop all plug-ins Ctrl + Shift + ALT + x

Processing Template

Create a new editable area CTRL + ALT + V

Insert object

Drag any object (image, Shockwave, etc.) files from the [Resource Manager] or [site] window to the [document] window
Image CTRL + ALT + I
Table CTRL + ALT + T
Flash video CTRL + ALT + F
Shockwave and Director video CTRL + ALT + d
Name anchor CTRL + ALT +

History panel

Open the [history] Panel shift F10
Start/stop recording command Ctrl + Shift + x
Command Ctrl + P

Open and Close the Panel

Object Ctrl + F2
Property Ctrl + F3
Site file F5
Site Map Ctrl + F5
Resource F11
CSS style SHIFT + F11
HTML style Ctrl + F11
Behavior shift + F3
Historical records SHIFT + F10
Timeline SHIFT + F9
Code checker F10
Frame SHIFT + F2
Layer F2
Refer to Ctrl + Shift + F1
Show/hide floating panel F4
Minimize all windows SHIFT + F4
Maximize all windows Alt + Shift + F4

Get help

Use Dreamweaver [help topic] F1
Refer to Shift + F1
Dreamweaver supports center Ctrl + F1

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