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   1> in DW, how do I enter a space?

The question of entering a space in DW seems to have become a cliché, and we may have seen N times in many books or articles about the use of DW.

The restrictions on space input in DW are for the "half-width" text state. Therefore, by adjusting the input method to the Full-width mode can be avoided, the method is: Open the Chinese Input method (take artificial intelligence ABC as an example), press Shift+space switch to the full corner state, now should be no problem.

In addition, you can use a number of "flexible" methods to enter the purpose of the space, such as the commonly used:

Add the HTML code "" that represents the space directly in the source code, after you enter a length of text object, and then adjust the text to the same color as the current background, but note that the latter may appear somewhat problematic in some browsers.

  2> How do I add a custom small icon before the browser address bar?

Do you remember sometimes when browsing the home page of NetEase's website, a small icon of "easy" is displayed before the address WWW.163.COM. By default, this icon is a specified image of an IE browser.

In fact, this is not a sophisticated technology, but in the site directory to add a specific file.

At this point, we need to make an icon file in advance, size is 16*16 pixel. The file name extension is ico and then uploaded to the appropriate directory. Add the following code between the HTML source file "":


Where the "shortcut icon" is the name of the icon. Of course, if users use IE5 or the above version of browsing, it is simpler, simply upload the image to the root of the site, you can automatically identify!

  3> Why, I originally designed a good web page, in the browser window to minimize the ugly embarrassment?

This should be a very worthy of attention, that is to say, in Full-screen state browsing the content of the web, a little problem is not. When we use the window's minimize command or manually resize the window, the problem slowly arises. The content of the page will be the current window as the display range, in descending order. For example, the difference is exactly the same as having a "wrap in line" and "no wrap" in Notepad.

To solve this problem, we must start from the layout of the Web page, generally speaking, the content of the Web page is mostly through the table to achieve. Therefore, the problem of the "fault" is also on the table.

As you may have noticed, there are two different types, percentages, and pixels available on the table's high width setting. The use of percentages will result in the problem mentioned earlier, and it will all be corrected to the actual size of the pixels unit.

  4> How to change the display of the page, the tip of the top of the message?

When browsing the page, the tip of the top is often the key to the content of the Web page, helping visitors to understand the content of the page in advance. Before DW4, the operation is not provided directly on the function, and we often do so by applying the "title" attribute in the source code. Entering the DW4 is much simpler.

Type the text information you want directly in the title input box at the top of the edit window.

Original address: http://soft.zol.com.cn/81/810058.html

  How about 5> to add a color-specific border to a picture?

For a picture without a border, inserting it directly into the Web page is quite bad for the display effect. Remember in Microsoft's FP to add a satisfactory frame to the picture is still quite troublesome.

But it's much easier in the DW because there's a "Border" attribute that lets you set the width of the border directly.

The width is set, you will ask, the color? There is no color on the panel! Oh, in fact, there is a skill problem, with the mouse to select the object of the picture, attention is not clicked Select, but drag selection. It's as if you were setting the text color.

  6> How do I add tips for pictures and linked text?

When we browse the Web, when the mouse hovers over a picture object or link, at the bottom right of the mouse sometimes a message box appears. Make a note of the target. On some occasions, its role is very important.

Next look at the picture prompts the information to add, select the Picture object, in the property panel you will find an "Alt" input box. By default, the input box is blank. Here's what you need to enter the prompt.

The creation of link hints is not so simple. Because this functionality is not provided directly in the DW, we need to implement it by adding HTML code.

Add the "title" attribute in. title= hint content can be.

  7> how to download your own zip or other types of files for others?

In the view of many primary Web page authors, it seems like a "mystery" to download through a mouse click, but far from it. A format file (htm,html,asp,php) that is not recognized by browsers in a DW. Perl,shtml, etc. as a link target, the default action is download.

All you need to do is to write down the name of the file you want to download, and then make a link to the target file. Note that the catalogue must not be mistaken.

  How can 8> ensure that text in a Web page does not follow the browser font size setting?

As we all know, in IE browser function settings, there is a freedom to set the window content font size function, so due to the habit of different visitors, the page presented in front of them sometimes will be different.

For example, you may have used the design of the font 2nd, the result of the user to the browser's additional settings, the larger, then show the effect on the problem.

The solution is to make the content of the Web page qualitatively mandatory on a suitable size. He is not allowed to change. You can implement this requirement by using a CSS style sheet to enforce the font control.

  9> Open the destination link as a new window?

Open with a new window, as the name implies, that is, without overwriting the current window under the premise of another open a browser window. You can add "Target=_blank" directly to the connection code.

If your HTML is poor, this setting is also available on the DW Properties panel, and when you type the WWW URL in the link input box, the target dropdown box is also activated.

Choose the most "blank" on it.

  10> How to load a Web page, like many commercial websites, pop up an ad window

This is often seen in a number of large business websites. The behavior behavior can be easily implemented in DW.

Since it is loaded, we can treat the entire page content as an event object. In the DW edit window, click the "" tab in the lower-left corner and you'll notice that all the pages are selected.

Click the "Behavior" button in the Quick Launch pad to go to the Behavior panel and select the "Open Browse window" Item, where you can customize the window style, such as size, retention of tool buttons, and so on. Another thing is to remember that the corresponding event is "Onload".

  11> I have no "timelines" in my Quick Launch board, what should I do?

DW has added several new items to the Quick Launch Board since it was upgraded to version 4, such as assets and so on. At this time the original timelins (timeline) button was squeezed down.

Of course, if you are anxious to use it now, you can still find it through the menu "Windows"-"timelines". But after all, it's better to put it in the boot board, then we can add it by setting it in!

"Edit"-"preference" enters the window, selects "Panels" (panel) in the list of items on the left, clicks the "+" button above, selects "timelines" from the Drop-down list. The timeline has been automatically added to the current show in Launcher list content, OK. Changed "Launcher" panel

At the same time you can also according to their own needs free choice of button options in the Panel to improve efficiency.

  12> make a Web page so that it can automatically refresh every 5 minutes, how to achieve?

When browsing on the Internet, we often encounter some Web pages. When there is no response for a period of time, it is refreshed automatically. In addition to the purpose of alerting visitors, when the new refresh address is not the current URL, the function of automatic jump is realized.

Whether it's a recurring refresh or an automatic jump. In web design, is a very practical operation. Here's how they are made.

Select the "Head" section of the DW "Object" panel, and note that by default, the common "content" is displayed.

Click the Refresh button above to type the time in seconds for the refresh delay in the Delay input box, and Action to refresh the specified target URL. Since it is now refreshing the current page, the direct menu option "Refresh this Document" is available.

  13> How do I define keywords for a Web page (keyname)?

When users use the search engine to search the appropriate content of the page, the keyword plays a role that can not be ignored. Most search servers automatically detect the presence of new pages in the network every once in a while, and record them by keyword to facilitate user inquiries.

Of course you want your page to appear in the search engine's query return list, and the keyword definition is particularly important.

Also in the "Head" Panel section, click the "Keywords" button, input needs to be defined by keyword, note each keyword to ";" number, no limit.

  14> How do I hide some unnecessary labels in the editing window?

When a user inserts too many invisible elements into a Web page, a row of labels appears at the top of the editing window to make it easy for users to find them at any time. Although the label itself does not affect the display in the browser, but many later, often so that the content of the Web page has to be misplaced, and thus to a certain extent, to hinder the visual adjustment of the Web page, so how can these dongdong remove it?

Go to the "preperence" panel, select "Invisibel Elements" in the list, and tick the "check mark" of items you don't want to show, such as scripts

  15> does not support the display content of the frames browser?

We know that there are so many types of browsers, so the first thing we think about when designing a Web page is "is this something that can be displayed in different browsers?". The framework is an example!

But avoid this, it's easy, you just need to add the following content to the source code.

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