Dreamweaver tutorial: Using DW to make a picture browser

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As shown in many places we have seen the effect of such a picture, by clicking on the thumbnail below to show the different pictures, today we are going to do this effect, in fact, the method is very simple, is to add a thumbnail image exchange of the behavior:

1. Open DW, first the page background color to black, to meet our aesthetic requirements, you can also set for their favorite color, click Page properties to change the background color.

2. Insert a 2 row 1 column table, as shown, guess the menu bar: Insert a table, open the Insert Table dialog box, set the table width to 700 pixels.

3. We see that the table has been inserted, and then select the first row of the table, we will insert a picture, as shown in the menu bar: Insert-image

4. After the image is inserted, set the image to the horizontal center alignment

5. Then insert a 1 Row 3 column table in the second row of the table, as shown in the figure, place the cursor in the second row of the table, and then execute on the menu bar: Insert--table. Set the table border to 10 pixels, width is 100%

6. Move the stylus to the first cell, and then insert a picture as the thumbnail

7. Kind of method, insert three pictures as thumbnails

8. Insert an AP div,div size just can cover the TV screen, so we can insert a picture in the Div, the effect of the display is the TV playback effect.

9. Insert a picture, and then set the picture's ID to Dianshi

10. Select the first thumbnail and add an action to it

11. In the Window menu, check the Behavior window

12. In the Behavior window, click the Add button, in the Open dialog box, we choose "Swap image"

13. Open the Exchange Image dialog box, we see here are Dianshi this image, select it, and then set to the original file for you to show another picture, click the Browse button to select the picture, choose a good later click OK.

14. The same method is used to set up the behavior of the three thumbnails, so that the image switching effect can be achieved.

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