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In Dreamweaver, tables are more widely used in layout pages, positioning content. In fact, in addition to these "big function" of the application, through a variety of alternative methods, the table can also achieve a lot of design in general difficult to achieve the effect, the following will show you the "wireframe" production is a good example, of course, its ingenious use is far more than this.

Wireframe objects are often seen in Web pages, such as a thin line, a box, and so on, that are included in the list. In the coordinated production of some effects, the "wireframe" modification is essential. However, we regret that many of the mainstream web design tools do not provide a more direct and simple wireframe production capabilities. In this case, it is particularly important to use other elements to implement it indirectly.

  The fabrication of a cross-width thin line

First of all, I think we should understand the concept of "across a thin line" here, and the important point is in the "thin", which is why we have to do it through the table.

Users who have contacted web design know that in HTML (Hypertext Transfer language), there is a

Mark, this mark is used to make "horizontal Line" object, then you must ask, the horizontal line is not a thin line? Why use the form to do it?

True, horizontal lines are used to make lines, including banners and 竖幅, which can be implemented. But in the current application, the horizontal line simply can not achieve the fineness we require, that is, the real height=1pixels effect.

Here is a set of thin lines that are illustrated by horizontal line:

The first two apparently looked much rougher, and the following has been manually set on the property (properties) board height of 1 is obviously not very consistent with our requirements, and the horizontal line to change the color, it must be in the source code can be achieved, not very convenient to use, understand the above, Let's take a look at how we can achieve better results through the table.

Click the table icon in the Object Panel or select menu Insert-table to insert a high, wide, 1 Table object in the appropriate location on the page. As shown in figure

Form making

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