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Layer is the localization technique in CSS, and it is visualized in Dreamweaver. text, images, tables, and other elements can only be fixed in their position, can not be stacked together, and the layer can be placed in a Web page document anywhere, the layer can be placed in the document of other elements of the Web page, layer can move freely, layer and layer can overlap, layer embodies the Web page technology from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space of an extension.

First, create the layer

1. Create common layer

(1) Insert Layer

Select the menu bar > Insert > Layout object > Layer command to insert the layer into the page.

Use this method to insert a layer where the position of the cursor is determined by where the cursor is positioned and where the layer appears. Select the middle will appear six small handles, drag a small handle can change the size of the layer.

(2) Drag and Drop layer

Open the Layout option for the shortcut bar, click the Draw Layer button, click the left mouse button, and press and hold, drag the icon to the document window, and then release the mouse, which is where the layer will appear on the page.

(3) Drawing layer

Open the Layout option of the shortcut bar, click the Draw Layer button, the mouse cursor in the document window becomes a cross cursor, then hold down the left mouse button, drag a rectangle, the size of the rectangle is the size of the layer, release the mouse monkey layer will appear in the page.

2. Create nesting Layer

To create a nested layer is to insert another layer within one layer.

Method One: Put the cursor in a layer, select the menu bar > Insert > Layout object > Layer command, you can insert a layer in the change layer.

Method Two: Open the layer board, from which you need to nest layers, hold down the CTRL key while dragging to another layer, until the icon appears as shown below, release the CTRL key and mouse, so that the normal layer is converted into nesting layer.

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