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Sound can be very good foil page of the Atmosphere, Web page Common voice format has WAV, MP3, MIDI, AIF, RA, or real audio format.

1. Add background music

You can embed background music in a page. This kind of music mostly takes the Mp3,midi file as the main, in the DW, adds the background music to have two kinds of methods, one is realizes through the handwriting code, and one kind is realizes through the behavior.

In the HTML language, you can embed music files in multiple formats by using the <BGSOUNG> tag, as follows:

We store the 01.mid music files in the Med folder.

Open 03.html page, we add background music for this page

Switch to the split view of the DW, where the cursor is positioned before the </body>, and write the following code in the position of the cursor: <bgsound src=med/01.mid>, as shown in the following figure.

Press the F12 key to view the effect in the browser, we can hear the background music.

If you want to play the music loop, change the source code to the following: <bgsound src= "Med/01.mid" loop= "true" >

2. Embed Music

Embedded audio can be inserted directly into the page, but only if the viewer has the appropriate plug-in for the selected sound file when browsing the Web page, the sound can be played. You can use this method if you want the browser's appearance to appear on the page.

Open the 02.html Web page and place the cursor where we want the viewer to appear.

Click the Media button on the shortcut bar to select plugins from the Drop-down list.

The Select File dialog box pops up and the 02.war audio file is in the dialog box.

When you click the OK button, the inserted plug-in is displayed in the document window with the icon shown in the following illustration.

Select the icon to set the properties of the player in the properties panel:

To achieve the effect of looping the music, click the Parameters button in the Properties panel, click the + button, enter the loop in the Parameters column, and after you enter true in the Value column, click OK.

To enable AutoPlay, you can continue to edit the parameters, enter autostart in the parameters column of the Parameters dialog box, and enter true in the value, and click OK.

Press the F12 key, open the browser preview, this page realizes the effect of embedding music, in the browser shows the playback plugin.

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