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Drop-by-travel booking tutorial

Step one: Download drops on the phone, such as an iphone that can be downloaded to the App Store, and Android can be downloaded to the Internet or an official download installation;

Step Two: Then we open the drip, then click on the downwind sign;

The third step: Enter the location you want to go and departure time, click on the "booking of the downwind";

The fourth step: we will see the following interface, input mobile phone number registration, you can make an appointment success!

From the above tutorial demo of the Drip-travel app's appointment process to see the process and the previous drop of a taxi is almost no difference, you can go to see.

Drip travel, China's well-known a free taxi platform, known as mobile phone "taxi artifact", is favored by users "taxi" application. At present, the drop has been from the taxi cab software, growth to cover taxis, cars, express, downwind, driving and bus and many other business, including a one-stop-trip platform.

2015 coincides with dropping a taxi on the three anniversary of the line, "drop a Taxi" officially renamed as "Drip Trip", and the new brand to enable the identification.
September 9, 2015, working with Yutong to build an Internet bus ecosystem

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