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The latest version of the drive Life 6, provides 32-bit and 64-bit XP/2003/VISTA/2008/WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1/WIN10 operating system under the intelligent detection and driver repair, upgrade, backup function. First, the search download the latest version of the drive Life 6, after the installation, open the software interface, there will be a "Start detection" button, it is recommended to click to detect whether the computer driver is abnormal situation. If an exception is detected, just follow the instructions. Click "?" in the upper right corner. icon, you can see how many features are operating on the software.

We can see that the Help guide page is divided according to the layout of each function that drives the life software. Including the drive home page, the local driver, peripheral drivers, such as click the drive home page, you can see the option below describes the "home" of this feature: detection of computer-driven installation, update, backup situation, one-click Repair abnormal driver and backup drive. Page DOWN, there are three features can be selected to view, such as click "Replace, select different version of the driver installation", you can view the installation of other version-driven operation method, some users do not like the software recommended driver, you can operate the installation of other versions of the driver.

When a driver is updated, the computer is abnormal, the general situation is that the driver and computer hardware incompatibility caused. For example, after installing the video card driver, if the computer has a flower screen phenomenon, the user needs to manually operate, first uninstall the current driver, and then install another version of the driver. How to do this can be seen in the Drive Life Operation Guide webpage, click the Drive Management option, swipe down the page, click the "Drive Uninstall" option to see how to uninstall the driver.

In addition to learning to drive life software operating methods, such as the problem can not solve the computer problems, but also in the drive Life software interface, click on the lower right corner of the "Driving clinic", there are more detailed computer problems of the solution, usually also can browse more learning these practical methods, perhaps soon you become a computer master. If the computer-driven problem is still not resolved, you can click the Drive clinic interface, the bottom left of the "Contact driver Expert" button to conduct online consultation, because the number of users consulted every day, in order to reduce your waiting time, it is recommended to first try to solve the relevant methods described above.

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