Driving school exam tips can pass without reading a book !! If you do not take the test for the time being, keep it for the time being. Don't wait in a hurry and you can't find it !!!

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Driving school exam tips can pass without reading a book !! If you do not take the test for the time being, keep it for the time being. Don't wait in a hurry and you can't find it !!!

Shorthand method!

1. Choose 50 meters for the "Mouth" and 30 meters for the "station", which is called "Mouth, five stations, and three"
The remaining values are 150 meters, and the maximum value is 150. Answer all questions.

2. Questions about kilometers: select 50 kilometers for urban streets, and select 30 for the remaining 30.
The highest speed is 70, and the lowest speed is 60. Answer all questions.

3. If a vehicle license is revoked for two years, the vehicle license is revoked for three years, and a drunk license is revoked for five years, the license is revoked for life due to escape, it is called "hanging, removing, getting drunk, and escaping for life ".

4. first aid knowledge of wounded: multiple choice questions: A, B, C, "the most selective ".
Question: Only "remote" and "soft stretcher" are wrong, and the rest are correct.

5. dangerous knowledge: Find "No need", "no", "no", and "no harm" in the question"
Yes. The rest are correct.

6. points deduction: 1 point:
"Without Certificate": there is a "light" and "reversing" is correct, the rest are all wrong. Deduct 2 points:
Supercar (high-speed), less than 20%, mobile phone, violation of signs, over 4 hours, no center line, internship, intersection. Question: "No security distance from the front" is correct. All other errors. Deduct 3 points:
Lighting, signal lights, number plates, high-speed vehicles, and trailers are all incorrect. 6 points deducted:
Drinking, over 50%, over 30%, learning to drive (high-speed), not parking (high-speed) according to regulations ). Answer all questions. 12 points deducted: drunk driving, driving, escape driving, driving by license, unpaid fines for more than three months, driving does not meet the model, forced pass. Answer all questions.

7. Fine question: "2000" selected "2000", "2000" selected "500", no
"More than 2000" and no "1000" fines. Select the biggest question for all other questions. The answer to the penalty is correct.

8. Questions about the number of days: Remember to select 10 days for a mediation, 15 days for the remaining 15 days, and 3 or 90 for the remaining 15 days.

9. For the height, select the maximum value for the "container" and select a smaller value for the rest.

10. "Change, departure, firewood, and behavior"
If you have 4 characters, all functions are correct.

Learn the car smoothly
Keep in mind that the exam is always passed

Morning Post today
When I was just learning a car, I couldn't tell the essentials and sequence of the actions as well as other students. When I got on the bus, I did not forget the actions, but sometimes I was nervous, the brain will be "blank" temporarily ". When I read a book and saw an article, I thought it was quite good. Based on the essentials, I wrote this article to learn the car smoothly.

Report on boarding!

Show your left foot and call the Examiner.
Close the door and take a deep breath.
Check the neutral position. Ignition should be gentle.

Don't forget the direction. You need to stop the block and release the handbrake.
Start to ask the examiner, look at the rearview mirror, and shout with a horn.

When the clutch is relaxed and the system is semi-connected, you must be sure not to shake the examiner!
Shift should be timely, and shift should be fast. In case of brake, do not pass the head.

Turn to slow down, immediately reduce the next stop, more pause, safe and assured.
Relax your shoulders, put your hands in place, And look natural.

Do not forget to be polite.
Keep in mind that you will be able to take the exam!

Driving Test tips: Driving School Road, road test (9, 9, 6) test skills, precautions and tips

Step Program

1. Adjust the seat

2. Check the Left and Right mirrors and tumbler mirrors to view the positions of the hand brake lever and shift lever.

3. Mount the insurance Belt

4. Left hand grip, right hand discharge door switch position

5. Step on the clutch pedal at the left foot -- remove the clutch

6. Move the right foot onto the brake pedal

7. Place the block in the neutral position

8. Open and start the door to view the dashboard.

9. After confirming there is no exception, place the right-hand shift in the start position

10. Turn on the left-hand direction light

11. The eyes observe the situation around the car and the mirror condition on the left and right

12. Trigger

Note: trigger-refers to the combination of throttling, clutch, and brake.

The specific operation is as follows: the clutch is placed at the touch point, the accelerator is slightly lighter, and the hand brake lever is gently put

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