Drowned fish: Talking about the different attitudes of Baidu and Google to the new website

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First, do Baidu ranked the most important weight

Baidu ranked people know that the site keyword ranking of the difficulty is based on the amount of search, the search volume of large keywords hot, then, the difficulty is relatively large, small number of search keywords heat low, ranking very easy to go up. However some new station stationmaster is doing some searches quantity not very big key words, has expended the very big effort, but has not been ranked first. At this time the importance of site weight is reflected, no matter how hard you try your keywords will not surpass him. Then look at Google, Google for the weight is not so dispute, Google for the new station are very friendly, as long as you can provide a good page for spiders to crawl, it will give you the effect, encourage you to redouble your efforts! So, do Baidu ranking weight most important!

Second, the website title must pay attention to

Website title is the website's brand, is tells the search engine and the visitor website is what, it is equivalent to a person's business card, represents your occupation. For example: Zhengzhou City Hospital-Male hospital in Henan province, Zhengzhou, the best male Division hospital, this title explains it is a medical site, search him will be in Baidu and Google first position. The importance of the site title is not only reflected in Baidu, Google is also very important. Therefore, the webmaster in the formulation of the website title must be cautious Ah, should not blindly add, back to change the words will have a great impact on the site. Must give the website has a good position, should consider the website relevance, the keyword heat measure, the character does not conform to the user experience, but also has the use of participle and so on a series of methods, two words cautious!

Third, Baidu and Google different attitude to the new station

Baidu for a new station on the line will be given a different period of assessment, which is like staff entry, you need to carry out a period of assessment, you perform well, I will stay, not good bye. Baidu in the new station on the line in a short time or will give the site a good ranking, and this time is your efforts to time. Relative to Baidu, Google will be more relaxed, you can say that Google like the new station, as long as you do, generally will not be on your site how.

Web site to promote the road is very long, but as long as you go down you will taste the sweetness, although also experienced hardships, but life is not all this? Gradually, master search engine rules, use properly, a lot of revenue.

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