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These years dominate the internet search industry giants, Baidu since out of a Baidu open platform out, put some money behind closed doors seems to open up, so that the entire Internet more harmonious and open development. Open platform interface has Baidu News source, app developer application, and so on, and today we want to say three, Baidu official customer service telephone certification and Baidu certification icon and Baidu Merchant map authentication application skills. Let the whole Internet more harmonious health open, improve the user experience of Baidu in the Netizen!

One, Baidu official customer service telephone Certification


When we Baidu search for a well-known brand, Baidu official for the prevention of fishing sites to open the official certification official customer service phone calls, however, the following standards are included:

1. The resource submitter must be the official staff of the brand's group headquarters (or head office) to ensure the management and maintenance of the later data;

2. Your site needs to have an independent and complete customer service page, such as: "Contact Us" page;

3. The name of the enterprise or website needs to be recognized, unique and unambiguous in life and on the Internet;

4. Involved in violation of national laws and regulations and Baidu Agreement resources, the platform is not included.

As long as your resources meet the above conditions, we will be free to collect resources.

Submit Address: Http://open.baidu.com/coop/kefu.html

Second, Baidu certification icon Certification

Baidu certification is Baidu and Third-party partners to introduce the authoritative certification data. Through the Third-party certification of the website, will be in Baidu search results show the "certification" mark. As shown in the following illustration:


Different partner certification represents different meaning, users should pay attention to the content of certification.

How do I get certification marks?

1. The member of the corresponding third party attestation organization, after registering its website address by the third party attestation organization, can show the attestation mark in the Baidu search results page within one months.

2. A member can only authenticate one website. The tag only supports the site itself and does not support the entire domain name.

3. The site has the corresponding qualification, but Baidu did not do the identification, please as soon as possible to the corresponding Third-party agencies to provide Web site address.

Submit Reference Address: http://www.baidu.com/search/verify_help.htm

Third, Baidu Merchant map submission


Baidu Map Merchant Certification is actually out for a long time, but we do SEO dick silk attention less. Baidu Map Merchant application conditions need to upload the company's business license, and company site photos, audit or relatively easy to pass. Audit date is 3-5 working days

Submit Address: http://lbc.baidu.com/

Four, Baidu website image certification

Baidu official Website icon Certification, the authority of an industry certification, to avoid piracy, this is like the official did not give a clear way to apply, the Navy can only tell you the general cock wire site is not to apply! The Navy in Beijing, a friend who has done the portal of the senior executives told me that Baidu is to promote the promotion of the brand out, In a word to Baidu spent a lot of money!!


Baidu at present to apply for Baidu website of the picture saying "Baidu has said, is the Baidu algorithm to determine their own, for the higher weight of the site, automatically added to the official website logo." ”

Well, the dry goods we shared today are here. 2013 do not only focus on SEO and focus on the search engine this understanding, perhaps to enlarge the scope of a point, sometimes focus and attention is a good thing, but put on an occasion may focus on the field of attention and focus, you gain will be greater. Do SEO should now go out with some big platform to talk about cooperation. Because the internet is more and more open, the ultimate goal to achieve comprehensive marketing sem ERA!

Welcome like Sem,seo, bidding peers. I'm a "navy" QQ744594305 article source: http://www.seohn.cn/seo/baidurenzheng2013/

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