DTS vs Dolby Digital

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The difference between Dolby surround and DTS is that they are both lossy digital compression technologies. This kind of "perceptual" data compression technology is developed based on the audible Characteristics of Human acoustics-sensitive to high-level sound and shielded from other insensitive sounds. What is the difference between DTs and Dolby Digital 5.1 In the same 6.1 or 5.1 channels? The biggest difference is that the two use different" Algorithm", That is, different methods are used to compress the sound of each audio channel.

Dolby Digital Systems generally compress 5.1 audio tracks to BPS, while some discs use BPS, up to BPS; DTS usually uses a much larger bit rate-bps. If all the other conditions are the same, the more bits, the better the sound quality. Is this true? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not that easy, because the data compression circuits of Dolby Digital (abbreviated as DD) and DTs are different. For example, a signal with low encoding efficiency, even if its bit rate is very high, is just a waste of BIT and disc space, without improving the sound quality. Once a system is called "Transparent", increasing the bit rate will not improve the sound quality. In addition, because the bit rate of DTS is higher than the Dolby ratio, more space is required.DVThe size limit of disk D may adversely affect the image quality, or you have to add an additional disc.

There are many arguments about the effect of Dolby surround and DTS surround. Different people have different opinions. Because the Dolby Digital System and DTS both use the acoustic principle to encode the sound track, the traditional noise and distortion measurements cannot indicate which system has better performance, the only method to determine which system has better performance is the listening test. There are auditory differences between DTs and Dolby Digital versions, which may be partly due to the differences between Dolby Digital Processing and DTS processing. At present, it is widely seen that the low-frequency part of DTs encoding at around 60Hz may be slightly inferior, while the effect of playing in the middle and each vocal music is better. However, the difference that people can hear is quite small, especially for multi-channel systems. Perhaps it is more fair to say that the two are very close opponents. In some cases, people may prefer the effect of Dolby, and in some cases, they prefer the effect of DTs.

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