Dual-system installation of CentOS7 and Win7-and boot

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This process does not apply to installing Windows after installing CentOS first.

Required: U-disk larger than 4g, centos7.iso, soft disc Pass

Use the soft disc to open the CENTOS7 ISO first, and then start-and import hard disk image--not change, directly select Write.

Wait for the write to complete, the direct restart, F12 select USB boot (if it is using UEFI win8 system, it is more tangled, although you can choose legacy, but your win8 is not in this mode to start, so really have the determination to recommend abandoning the Uefi Win8, Or if you are not afraid of trouble, use the WIN8 bios to change back, with Linux and then change back, although there are now some Linux support UEFI, but most of them are not supported.)

Then will go into the CENTOS7 installation interface, select the first installation can, the bottom is trouble what is the rescue mode. Remember to change the minimum installation to what you want, such as the Gnome interface. Otherwise, the minimum installation is a plain text mode without the X Window interface. Then the hard drive selection, Here you can change the 100g./swap to twice times the memory./home is the other disposable space. Then start the installation.

After installation, the restart will be able to enter the CENTOS7 directly.

Turn on the controller

 [[email protected]]su# Enter password [[Email protected]]vim /boot/ Grub2/grub.cfg# loads the following code inside the file menuentry   Span style= "color: #800000;" >windows 7 (loader) (on/dev/sda1)   "-- Windows--class  os $menuentry _id_option   osprober-chain-xxx     {insmod part_msdosinsmod ntfs  set  root=< Span style= "color: #800000;" > '  hd0,msdos1   '  

You should be able to see the options after rebooting and go to Windows, and if there is a problem, you can return to Linux

[[Email protected]]fdisk-l #看看/dev/sda1 is not a 100M boot partition, type is/NTFS, check if Menuentry is in other menuentry code.


Dual-system installation of CentOS7 and Win7-and boot

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