Dual system XP under uninstall Windows7

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Dual system Uninstall Windows7 technique--XP Uninstall Windows7

If you are installing an XP and Windows7 dual system, you want to fully uninstall the Windows7, you need to deal with the boot boot menu of dual system, after removing the dual system share use of the boot manager, the normal format of the Windows7 in the partition. The method is as follows:

First, start to XP system, in the computer optical drive to put WINDOWS7 installation CD-ROM (if downloaded ISO mirror file, you can use virtual optical drive Deamontools read and load Windows7 CD-ROM to the virtual CD-ROM.

Second, click on "Start Menu/Run" and pop up the command line window. Enter K:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt52all/force in the Command Line window, and then hit enter to run, it should be noted that K is in this example to put the Windows7 CD-ROM letter, the reader needs to put the Windows7 disc according to their own letter, Change k to its own letter.

Again, eject the Windows7 installation disc; Next, restart the computer, we can find the dual system boot Menu Windows7 system boot and earlyversionwindows option disappeared, directly into the XP system, which indicates that the dual-system boot boot menu has been removed complete.

Finally, after restarting the XP system, you can now manually delete Windows7 files and folders, such as program files, users, and Windows folders. If there are no other important files, directly format the WINDOWS7 is the most convenient partition. Under XP will uninstall the Windows7 cleanly.

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