Dubbo Study (i): The basic concept of Dubbo

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I. Zookeeper elections

1. What is SOAis to extract the previously written modules separately, to become a standalone application, independent of the service run, not dependent on other modulesBenefits: 1. Decoupling, higher-level decoupling 2. Highly business service Multiplexing 3. Solve the problem of Information island, and facilitate the unified integration of data2. High performance system communication between systems, not using WebServiceWebService uses the HTTP protocol is inefficient (low performance), can use the TCP/IP protocol, is the socket
3.RPCRPC is a call between systems
4.SOAUnified Dispatch Center, will be to the external provision of services unified management up

two. Introduction of Dubbo
1. Architecture Development
2.Dubbo Introduction

Solutions for 3.Dubbo service governance
Registration Center:All services need to be registered with the registration center. After the service registration is successful, the registry will orchestrate these services and which services are available for which services are unavailable

There are three important roles in Dubbo: 1. Registration Center 2. Service Providers 3. Service Callers
architecture of the 4.Dubbo

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