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Because of Dreamweaver cracked pit, so want to write down to crack process, later encountered such situation can draw lessons from.

If there is economic strength or support the original good, after all, the foreign is the copyright requirements are very strict, because it is used for ordinary learning, or cracked version, not hurt. In principle support genuine!

DW CS6 and cracked version http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIdeLy2

The preparation before the break

1) Serial number

There are two generated for you and can be verified by software:


2) Crack patch

Installation will be used, please download it in advance (the installation needs to break the network).

Crack steps

1) Disconnect the network connection before installing. This is to prevent the connection to the official server from verifying the serial number.

2) Run the installation file. If the following questions occur, click Ignore.

3) Select " Install " and do not select "Try".

4) Enter the serial number, click Next, there will be network authentication, select "Connect later".

5) After the installation is complete, open the installation root directory and overwrite the original file with the corresponding crack patch.
x86 corresponding to the 32-bit operating system, the x64 corresponds to a 64-bit operating system. If you are not clear about the operating system version, see the file size is similar, overwrite can be.

6) before overwriting, copy and backup the Amtlib.dll to prevent errors.

7) Complete the above steps, the crack succeeded. You can edit the file by running Dreamweaver CS6.

Note: Under 64-bit systems, the following error may sometimes occur when you run Dreamweaver CS6 , prompting the software to not run:

This is the problem of cracking the patch, with 32 bits to overwrite the corresponding file again. 64-bit system using 32-bit crack patch, very weird ah there are wood!

DW CS6 hack

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